Seasonal work advice

Summer can often be the busiest time of the year for some businesses. 

Although it’s only for a short time, you can find many part time and full time work opportunities during the busy summer season.

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Benefits of seasonal work

Any seasonal job you do might help you:

  • try out working in a new sector or job role
  • get work experience to build your CV
  • get back into work if you've had time off
  • learn new skills you can use all year round
  • network and make new contacts
  • earn some extra money

Construction, hospitality and tourism seasonal jobs

In summer, there are lots of opportunities in construction, hospitality and tourism. Some of the most common seasonal jobs include:

Exam invigilator seasonal jobs

You might be able to find work as an exam invigilator at your local school or college during exam season.

You'll need to be reliable, flexible and available to work as needed. No previous experience is needed as you'll get training on the job. 

You can search for exam invigilator opportunities in your area or contact schools and colleges for vacancies.

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Summer school seasonal jobs

Out of school clubs or summer camps often run extra sessions in summer and need administrative support or extra staff to work with children.

Depending on the type of school club, you might need a specific skill or interest like sport or art.

It might also help if you have experience in:

  • mentoring
  • tutoring
  • working with young people in clubs like scouts or brownies

Best time to apply for seasonal jobs

It's best to apply for seasonal work a few months in advance, especially if you're looking at roles like exam invigilator where schools need to plan ahead.

Many businesses may still advertise roles closer to the time as they get busier so do not worry if you've not applied early. You're still likely to find many opportunities.

Search for seasonal jobs

If you're interested in finding seasonal work, you can use the government's 'find a job' service to search and apply for jobs.

Large companies often advertise seasonal jobs on their own websites and on job websites. You can also check websites of smaller businesses near where you live.

Try search terms like 'school', 'seasonal' or 'temporary' on a job website.

Search and apply for jobs

Tips for finding seasonal jobs

If you're struggling to find a seasonal job, you can read our advice about searching for jobs

We recommend you check job websites regularly as businesses may only advertise jobs for a short time. 

It might help to check your local shopping centre, leisure centre and garden centre websites as well. 

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Help getting hired

If you’ve found some seasonal jobs you’d like to apply for, it might help to look at our advice on:

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Chat to an adviser

If you're not sure whether seasonal work is right for you, you can chat to a qualified careers adviser.