Seasonal work advice

Businesses often need extra help during busy times like Christmas, wedding season and summer holidays.

Although it’s only for a short time, you can find many part time and full time work opportunities during these busy seasons.

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Benefits of seasonal work

Any seasonal job you do might help you:

  • learn new skills you can use all year round
  • get work experience to build your CV
  • work out if you like a certain job or sector
  • try a different part of a company you currently work for
  • decide if you’re ready to go back to work after time off
  • earn some extra money

Common seasonal jobs

Some of the most common seasonal jobs include:

You’ll also find lots of seasonal jobs in the tourism, sales, food, delivery and construction industries.

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Best time to apply for seasonal jobs

It’s best to apply for seasonal work a few months in advance. For example, you should try to apply for Christmas jobs in October.

Many businesses may still advertise roles closer to the time, so do not worry if you’ve not applied early. You’re still likely to find many opportunities.

Search for seasonal jobs

If you're interested in finding seasonal work, you can use the government's ‘find a job’ service to search and apply for jobs.

Large companies often advertise their seasonal jobs on their own websites and on job websites. You can also check the websites of smaller businesses near where you live.

If you’re looking for Christmas work, try searching for ‘Christmas’, ‘seasonal’ or ‘temporary’ on a job website.

Search and apply for jobs

Tips for finding seasonal jobs

If you’re struggling to find a seasonal job, you can read our advice about searching for jobs.

We recommend you check job websites regularly as businesses may only advertise jobs for a short time.

It might help to check your local shopping centre and garden centre websites as well. At Christmas, they often advertise Christmas grotto, customer service and security positions.

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Help getting hired

If you’ve found some seasonal jobs you’d like to apply for, it might help to look at our advice on:

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Chat to an adviser

If you're not sure whether seasonal work is right for you, you can chat to a qualified careers adviser.