Meet our apprentice Kelsie

Kelsie is a portfolio co-ordinator here at the National Careers Service.

She is currently completing a Level 3 Improvement Technician Apprenticeship.


Before I started my apprenticeship, I tried college but it wasn’t for me. I wanted to earn my own money while still developing my skills.

With the level 3, it is equivalent to A level. This means that I don’t have to sit in a classroom all day and I can still achieve my qualifications.

I chose to do the Level 3 Improvement Technician Apprenticeship as it offered me the chance to develop skills that I didn’t have.

I am able to apply what I am learning to my work and have improved the invoice process because of this.

I get 20% of my working week to do my apprenticeship. All my assessments and learning are done virtually. I can chat to the other apprentices doing the same apprenticeship which is great as we all support each other.

Once I complete my apprenticeship, I would like to do one at a higher level to develop my skills even more and progress my career.

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