Meet our apprentice Andy

Andy is a senior content designer here at the National Careers Service.

He is currently completing a Level 6 Chartered Manager (degree) Apprenticeship and has previously finished a Level 4 Business Administration Apprenticeship.


This is my second apprenticeship within the Civil Service. I was one of the first ever civil service apprentices when I started my Level 4 Business Administration Higher Apprenticeship straight from college in 2013.

Although I had received an offer for a uni place, I realised that I really wanted to start working straight away. However, that didn’t mean that I wanted to stop learning. The apprenticeship gave me a chance to do both.

As an apprentice correspondence officer in the Ministerial and Public Communications Division, I learned all about the power of words and communications.

I loved that and when I completed the apprenticeship I moved into content editing in a communications and content team at the Department for Education.

Several years later and ready for a new career challenge, I started a Level 6 Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship.

This means that I am working towards a BA (Hons) degree in Business Management, with no tuition fees.

My current role remains within content creation but I am now a senior content designer and I manage a team.

I am using the skills learned across 2 apprenticeships on a daily basis and I feel like the apprenticeship route has enabled me to grow personally and professionally.

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