Woman kneeling in a stream taking a sample of the water.
Woman kneeling in a stream taking a sample of the water.

Green careers

If you'd like to make a difference in your job and help to tackle climate change then a green career could be for you. 

Many jobs can make a positive impact on the environment in different ways. Any career that helps the UK work towards net zero could be considered a green career.

Importance of green careers

The UK government aims to reach net zero in all sectors of the economy by 2050. Net zero means the amount of greenhouse gas we take out of the environment is the same as the amount we produce. You can read more about the Net Zero Strategy.

A green career lets you learn new skills in different industries whilst helping to protect the future of the planet.

Green careers that directly tackle climate change

Some careers directly tackle climate change. Here are a few examples of green careers and some of the ways they help the environment.

You could research more careers that directly tackle climate change, working in areas like environment and land, science and engineering.

A woman kneeling by plants and checking a clipboard.

Green careers and employers in all industries

If a green career is important to you, you could look for opportunities with companies that care about the environment.

You can look on a company's website to find out what they're doing to become more sustainable.

There are also some careers that do not directly tackle climate change, but where you could still make a positive impact on the environment.

Here are a few jobs in different industries and some examples of ways they could help the environment. You can also explore more careers in all industries.

Green skills and qualifications

You'll need different skills and qualifications for any green career.

Find a course

If you need to learn a new skill or get a qualification, you can find a course. You might be able to get a free qualification if you're eligible.

Do a free Skills Bootcamp in green skills

If you're over 19, you might be able to do a free Skills Bootcamp in green skills. These include courses such as domestic retrofitting installation and electrical vehicle maintenance.

Find out how to identify your skills

You might want to learn about identifying your skills and upskilling. 

You might already have transferable skills like communication, project management or leadership. Or you might need specific technical skills and qualifications.

Speak to an adviser about green careers

If you want a green career but are not sure what's best for you, a careers adviser can help. 

They can help you to explore your options and find a green career that's the right fit for you.

Speak to a careers adviser