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Showing 15 suggestions for "Understanding the recruitment process"

  1. Application forms

    Get help to complete paper and online application forms.

  2. Common interview questions

    Learn how to answer popular interview questions confidently and make a good impression.

  3. Cover letters

    Learn more about cover letters, why they're important and how to use them.

  4. Create a LinkedIn profile

    Develop your job search and network by creating an online LinkedIn profile.

  5. CV advice

    Find out how to create a CV that stands out and gets you an interview.

  6. Find job vacancies

    Find out where to look for vacancies from recruitment agencies to social media sites.

  7. Graduate schemes: getting a place

    Develop your talent on a graduate scheme.

  8. How to bounce back in a tough jobs market

    Learn resilience and how to deal with difficult experiences.

  9. Interview advice

    Find out about the different types of interviews and how to do well in them.

  10. Make the most of a careers fair

    Learn how to make the most of an opportunity to meet lots of employers without leaving home.

  11. Networking

    Discover jobs through people you know.

  12. Phone interviews: how to do well

    Follow our advice on how to prepare and succeed in telephone interviews.

  13. Psychometric tests: how to prepare

    Learn how to be successful in psychometric tests.

  14. Video interviews: how to do well

    Follow our advice on how to well in live or pre-recorded video interviews.

  15. Virtual internships

    Get remote work experience with companies in the UK or abroad.