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Showing 11 suggestions for "Identifying and building your skills"

  1. Develop your soft skills

    Soft skills like communication and leadership are needed for most jobs.

  2. Discover your skills and careers

    Answer questions to identify careers that suit your interests, motivations and preferences.

  3. Identifying skills and upskilling

    Identify the skills you have, how you can improve them and develop new ones.

  4. Improve your digital skills

    Learn how to improve your digital skills to help you in your daily life and your career.

  5. Online learning advice

    Improve your skills without leaving your home by finding online learning opportunities.

  6. Skills health check

    Take a number of quizzes and activities to explore your skills, interests and motivations.

  7. The Skills Toolkit

    Browse free online courses to help you learn new skills or change jobs.

  8. Virtual internships

    Get remote work experience with companies in the UK or abroad.

  9. Volunteering advice

    Advice on how to choose volunteering positions for your future career choices.

  10. Ways to get work experience

    Look at the different ways to try out different careers to see whether they're right for you.

  11. Work experience: how it can help you

    Read why work experience is important and how it can help you develop.