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Showing 12 suggestions for "Changing your career"

  1. Armed forces careers

    Look into job roles in the British Army, Royal Air Force or Royal Navy.

  2. Create a LinkedIn profile

    Develop your job search and network by creating an online LinkedIn profile.

  3. Develop your soft skills

    Soft skills like communication and leadership are needed for most jobs.

  4. Discover your skills and careers

    Answer questions to identify careers that suit your interests, motivations and preferences.

  5. Explore careers

    Choose from over 800 career profiles to discover what each job involves.

  6. Find job vacancies

    Find out where to look for vacancies from recruitment agencies to social media sites.

  7. Improve your digital skills

    Learn how to improve your digital skills to help you in your daily life and your career.

  8. Mentoring

    Consider a mentor that can support, advise and guide you in your career.

  9. Networking

    Discover jobs through people you know.

  10. Redundancy and losing your job

    Find useful advice and resources for if you have recently been made redundant or become unemployed.

  11. The Skills Toolkit

    Browse free online courses to help you learn new skills or change jobs.

  12. Volunteering advice

    Advice on how to choose volunteering positions for your future career choices.