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  1. Dance teacher

    Dance teachers train and develop their pupils in all types of dance.

    Salary: Variable

    Found in: Creative and media Teaching and education

  2. Dance movement psychotherapist

    Dance movement psychotherapists use dance and movement to help people deal with emotional, psychological and physical issues.

    Salary: £32,305 to £47,125

    Found in: Beauty and wellbeing Healthcare

  3. Dancer

    Dancers use movement to perform for live audiences or in recorded performances.

    Salary: Variable

    Found in: Creative and media

  4. Community arts worker

    Community arts workers help local communities plan and take part in activities like drama, dance, painting and photography.

    Salary: £16,000 to £28,000

    Found in: Creative and media

  5. Choreographer

    Choreographers design sequences of steps and movements, usually accompanied by music, for dancers and other artists to perform.

    Salary: Variable

    Found in: Creative and media

  6. Podiatrist

    Alternative titles for this job include Chiropodist

    Podiatrists diagnose and treat foot and ankle problems, improving people's mobility and quality of life.

    Salary: £20,329 to £32,305

    Found in: Healthcare