Job group: Elementary administration occupations n.e.c.

Workers in this unit group perform a variety of elementary clerical and administrative tasks within offices not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP: 921 Elementary Administration Occupations.

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If you know what is happening in the labour market, it can help you to make realistic decisions about:

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  • what industry you want to work in
  • how much you need to earn
  • where you want to work
  • qualifications and training you’ll need to do your job

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Source: LMI for all. Read more about our information sources.

This information is based on past employment trends. It may not reflect up-to-date information about the job market, particularly the impact of Covid-19. This information can help you make a career decision but should not be your only reason for making a career choice.

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Future job growth

This information tells you whether jobs in a sector are likely to go up or down in the future.

+0.1%Job growth

Top industries in this job group

Find out which sectors or industries are the biggest employers of the job you are interested in. This can help you look for vacancies in the right places.

Industries Employment
Office admin. 16,693
Legal & accounting 3,488
Other professional 2,855
Other personal service 2,514
Film &  music 2,099
Retail trade 2,061
Food & beverage services 1,805
Specialised construction 1,792
Employment activities 1,250
Head offices, etc 1,184

Employment by region

See which areas of the country have the most opportunities for the job you want to do. It can help you weigh up whether you're likely to get a job near home or if you could improve your chances by moving or travelling to another area.

Region Employment
East Midlands (England) 3,535
East of England 4,061
London 8,787
North East (England) 2,363
North West (England) 4,840
South East (England) 7,806
South West (England) 4,129
West Midlands (England) 4,110
Yorkshire and the Humber 3,664

Qualification level

Explore the typical qualification level held by people in this job group. This can help you to see what sorts of skills and training you might need.

Level 1

The majority of people employed in this role may not have formal qualifications or will hold GCSEs below grade 4 (D-G).

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