Teaching and education

  • Audio visual technician

    AV technician

    Audio visual technicians set up and operate sound, lighting and video equipment at events, conferences and performances.

  • British Sign Language teacher

    BSL tutor

    British Sign Language (BSL) teachers teach sign language to children, young people and adults, and teach other subjects using sign language.

  • Careers adviser

    Career consultant, career coach, career development practitioner

    Careers advisers help people make decisions about their education, training and work options.

  • Child protection officer

    Safeguarding officer

    Child protection officers promote children's wellbeing and protect them from harm or abuse.

  • Communication support worker

    CSW, sign language support worker

    Communication support workers (CSWs) help deaf students in school.

  • Community education co-ordinator

    Community education co-ordinators organise education, training and recreation courses to meet the needs of the local community.

  • Criminologist

    Social science researcher

    Criminologists look at the reasons why people commit crimes and find ways to reduce re-offending.

  • Cycling coach

    Cycling instructor

    Cycling coaches help riders develop their cycling skills.

  • Dance teacher

    Dance teachers train and develop their students in all types of dance.

  • Early years teacher

    Nursery teacher

    Early years teachers are specialists in early childhood development and work with children up to the age of 5.

  • Education technician

    Education technicians support science, art, IT or design and technology teachers by preparing equipment and materials for practical lessons.

  • Education welfare officer

    School welfare officer, school attendance officer

    Education welfare officers make sure that children attend school and get the support they need.

  • E-learning developer

    Digital learning developer, instructional designer

    E-learning developers create course materials that can be studied on a computer network or online.

  • English as a foreign language (EFL) teacher

    EFL teacher

    EFL teachers help students learn or improve their English in the UK and abroad.

  • Equalities officer

    Equality and diversity officer, equal opportunities officer, equality, diversity and human rights officer

    Equalities officers make sure people are treated equally in an organisation by promoting positive practices and attitudes.

  • Further education teacher

    Further education tutor, further education lecturer, FE teacher

    Further education (FE) teachers teach academic and vocational or work related courses to young people and adults.

  • Headteacher

    Head, deputy headteacher

    Headteachers manage schools and create the right conditions for children and staff to achieve their best.

  • Health promotion specialist

    Health improvement specialist

    Health promotion specialists educate and inform people about health issues.

  • Higher education lecturer

    HE lecturer, university lecturer

    Higher education (HE) lecturers research and teach academic and vocational subjects at universities and higher education colleges.

  • Learning mentor

    Learning mentors support students and trainees who need extra help with their learning.

  • Librarian

    Learning resource manager

    Librarians run public and private libraries, managing access to books, multi-media resources and computers.

  • Library assistant

    Information assistant, learning resource centre assistant

    Library assistants help librarians to manage the day-to-day running of a library.

  • Martial arts instructor

    Martial arts instructors teach martial arts like karate, jujitsu and judo.

  • Montessori teacher

    Montessori teachers encourage children's natural curiosity and help them to learn by doing things for themselves and with other children.

  • Museum curator

    Art gallery curator

    Museum and art gallery curators manage collections of objects of artistic, scientific, historical and general interest.

  • Music teacher

    Music teachers give music lessons to people of all ages and abilities. They work in schools and colleges, and with individuals and community groups.

  • Nursery worker

    Nursery assistant, early years educator, pre-school assistant, playgroup assistant, childcare worker

    Nursery workers help babies and children up to 5 years old to develop and learn in a safe and supportive setting.

  • Ofsted inspector

    His Majesty's Inspector, HMI, regulatory inspector

    Ofsted inspectors visit, inspect and report on the quality of places of education and learning, and children's social care services.

  • Online tutor

    E-tutor, e-learning tutor

    Online tutors support students who are studying courses over the internet.

  • Outdoor activities instructor

    Outdoor activities instructors lead trips and teach skills in activities like hill walking, climbing, canoeing, skiing and snowboarding.

  • PE teacher

    Physical education teacher

    Physical education (PE) teachers work in schools and colleges, teaching sport and fitness to young people.

  • Playworker

    Childcare assistant, wraparound care assistant

    Playworkers help children and young people to develop their physical, social and language skills through play.

  • Portage home visitor

    Portage worker, Portage support worker

    Portage home visitors provide help at home for pre-school children with learning difficulties, physical disabilities or other special needs.

  • Primary school teacher

    Junior school teacher

    Primary school teachers are responsible for the educational, social and emotional development of children from age 5 to 11.

  • Prison instructor

    Instructional officer

    Prison instructors teach prisoners new skills to help them find work after their release.

  • RQF assessor

    NVQ assessor, training assessor

    Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) assessors check vocational courses and help trainees to meet the standards.

  • Sailing instructor

    Sailing instructors teach people to sail yachts and boats.

  • School business manager

    School business professional

    School business managers oversee the efficient day-to-day running of a school and support the headteacher and leadership team.

  • School crossing patrol

    Lollipop person

    School crossing patrols help children and adults cross the road safely on their way to and from school.

  • School houseparent

    Boarding school houseparent, resident houseparent

    A school houseparent looks after the welfare, safety and pastoral care of students in boarding schools.

  • School lunchtime supervisor

    Lunchtime assistant

    Lunchtime supervisors work in primary, secondary and special schools, looking after children during the lunch break.

  • Secondary school teacher

    High school teacher, sixth form teacher

    Secondary school teachers teach children from 11 to 16, or up to 19 in schools with sixth forms.

  • Skills for life teacher

    Functional skills teacher

    Skills for life teachers work with adults and sometimes 16 to 18-year-olds to improve their English and maths.

  • Special educational needs (SEN) teacher

    Special educational needs (SEN) teachers work with children and young people who have special educational needs or disabilities.

  • Special educational needs (SEN) teaching assistant

    Special needs classroom assistant, special needs learning support assistant

    Special educational needs (SEN) teaching assistants support teachers to help children with special educational needs and disabilities.

  • Swimming teacher

    Swimming coach, swimming instructor

    Swimming teachers help people learn how to swim, improve their swimming skills and exercise in water.

  • Teaching assistant

    Classroom assistant, learning support assistant

    Teaching assistants support teachers and help children with reading, writing and learning activities.

  • Trade union official

    Trade union officer

    Trade union officials represent, train and advise union members, carry out research and develop policy.

  • Training officer

    Learning and development officer, skills trainer

    Training officers plan and run training and development courses for businesses and public sector organisations.

  • Yoga teacher

    Yoga instructor

    Yoga teachers teach yoga as a form of exercise to increase fitness and wellbeing.

  • Youth worker

    Youth workers support young people aged 11 up to 25 to help them with their personal, social and educational development.