Sports and leisure

  • Athlete

    Track and field athlete

    Athletes compete in track and field events for their clubs, with some going on to represent their country at international level.

  • Bookmaker

    Bookie, betting shop manager

    Bookmakers organise gambling activities in betting offices, at racetracks and online.

  • Cinema or theatre attendant


    Cinema and theatre attendants help customers visiting entertainment shows.

  • Cycling coach

    Cycling instructor

    Cycling coaches help riders develop their cycling skills.

  • Diver

    Commercial diver

    Divers work underwater at sea, or in rivers, lakes, canals and reservoirs.

  • Events manager

    Conference and exhibition manager

    Event managers organise and run conferences, exhibitions, promotions and business and social events.

  • Fitness instructor

    Gym instructor, group training instructor

    Fitness instructors organise exercise programmes to improve people's health and fitness.

  • Football coach

    Football coaches teach skills and tactics to individuals and teams, and motivate them to fulfil their potential.

  • Football referee

    Assistant referee

    Football referees take charge of matches and make sure players compete within the rules of the game.

  • Health trainer

    Health trainers promote healthy living and help people make healthier lifestyle choices.

  • Horse riding instructor

    Horse riding coach

    Horse riding instructors teach children and adults of all abilities, how to ride.

  • Housekeeper

    Hotel housekeeper, housekeeping manager, head housekeeper

    Housekeepers organise hotel staff to make sure that all the rooms are kept clean and tidy.

  • Jockey

    Jockeys are licensed to ride racehorses in races for horse trainers and owners.

  • Leisure centre assistant

    Leisure centre assistants set up and supervise activities like fitness and exercise classes, gym sessions and swimming.

  • Leisure centre manager

    Sports centre manager, gym manager

    Leisure centre managers oversee the day-to-day running of sports and leisure centres.

  • Lifeguard

    Swimming pool attendant, recreation assistant, beach lifeguard

    Lifeguards look after swimming areas, help swimmers to stay safe and carry out rescues in emergencies.

  • Martial arts instructor

    Martial arts instructors teach martial arts like karate, jujitsu and judo.

  • Motorsport engineer

    Motorsport engineers design, test and build racing cars, rally cars and motorcycles.

  • Museum attendant

    Visitor experience assistant, museum assistant

    Museum attendants take care of customers and security in museums and galleries.

  • Outdoor activities instructor

    Outdoor activities instructors lead trips and teach skills in activities like hill walking, climbing, canoeing, skiing and snowboarding.

  • PE teacher

    Physical education teacher

    Physical education (PE) teachers work in schools and colleges, teaching sport and fitness to young people.

  • Performance sports scientist

    Sports and exercise scientist, Sports performance analyst, Sports physiologist

    Sports scientists use knowledge of how the body works to help people improve their health or sporting ability.

  • Personal trainer

    Personal trainers work with clients to improve their health and fitness.

  • Pilates teacher

    Pilates teachers help clients change and improve their body strength and posture through breathing, stretching and conditioning exercises.

  • Racehorse trainer

    Horse racing trainer, equine trainer

    Racehorse trainers run stables, manage staff, look after horses' training and welfare, and prepare them for races.

  • Resort representative

    Holiday rep, customer services rep, overseas rep

    Resort representatives look after holidaymakers during their stay.

  • Sailing instructor

    Sailing instructors teach people to sail yachts and boats.

  • Sport and exercise psychologist

    Sport and exercise psychologists work with athletes, teams and coaches to improve their motivation and performance.

  • Sports coach

    Sports coaches teach sports skills to individuals and teams of all abilities.

  • Sports commentator

    Sports announcer, sports presenter, pundit

    Sports commentators describe the action and give insights at sporting events for TV, radio and online audiences.

  • Sports development officer

    Sports development officers organise projects and training to encourage people to take part in sport and have a healthier lifestyle.

  • Sports professional

    Sports professionals are skilled and talented sports performers, who are paid to compete in their chosen sport.

  • Swimming teacher

    Swimming coach, swimming instructor

    Swimming teachers help people learn how to swim, improve their swimming skills and exercise in water.

  • Tourist information centre assistant

    Tourist information centre assistants give information to visitors about transport, tourist attractions and local services and activities.

  • Visitor attraction general manager

    Visitor attraction general managers look after the operation and finances of an attraction, and the health and safety of staff and visitors.

  • Yoga teacher

    Yoga instructor

    Yoga teachers teach yoga as a form of exercise to increase fitness and wellbeing.