Social care

  • Accommodation warden

    Property manager, hall manager

    Accommodation wardens manage the day-to-day running of services like sheltered housing, youth hostels and student flats.

  • Advocacy worker

    Independent advocate, relevant person's representative

    Advocacy workers help give people a voice in decisions about their health or social care.

  • Aid worker

    Development worker, humanitarian aid worker, relief worker

    Aid workers help people in overseas countries affected by human-made and natural disasters like wars, outbreaks of disease and earthquakes.

  • Art therapist

    Art psychotherapist

    Art therapists help people express difficult thoughts and feelings through creative activities.

  • British Sign Language interpreter

    Language professional

    British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters help deaf and hearing people communicate with one another.

  • Care escort

    Community transport passenger assistant

    Care escorts travel with elderly people or people with disabilities to help them get to their appointments.

  • Care home manager

    Care home managers lead and run residential homes for adults or children.

  • Care worker

    Care assistant, support worker, nursing home assistant

    Care workers help vulnerable people manage their daily activities and live as independently as possible.

  • Careers adviser

    Career consultant, career coach, career development practitioner

    Careers advisers help people make decisions about their education, training and work options.

  • Child protection officer

    Safeguarding officer

    Child protection officers promote children's wellbeing and protect them from harm or abuse.

  • Childminder

    Childminders care for babies, toddlers and children in their own home, supporting their learning and development.

  • Clinical psychologist

    Clinical psychologists help people manage mental health issues, phobias and addiction.

  • Cognitive behavioural therapist

    CBT, talking therapist, behavioural therapist

    Cognitive behavioural therapists help patients change negative patterns of thinking or behaviour with talking therapy.

  • Communication support worker

    CSW, sign language support worker

    Communication support workers (CSWs) help deaf students in school.

  • Community development worker

    Community development workers help improve their local area.

  • Community transport driver

    Community transport drivers provide a door-to-door service for people who can't easily use public transport.

  • Counsellor


    Counsellors help people discuss their problems and feelings in a confidential setting.

  • Dramatherapist

    Dramatherapists use group work, role play and movement to help people with their feelings and emotions.

  • Education welfare officer

    School welfare officer, school attendance officer

    Education welfare officers make sure that children attend school and get the support they need.

  • Equalities officer

    Equality and diversity officer, equal opportunities officer, equality, diversity and human rights officer

    Equalities officers make sure people are treated equally in an organisation by promoting positive practices and attitudes.

  • Family mediator

    Family mediators help separating couples agree on future plans without having to go to court.

  • Family support worker

    Family support workers help families with long or short term problems.

  • Forensic psychologist

    Criminal psychologist, investigative psychologist, legal psychologist

    Forensic psychologists study criminal behaviour and help people who have committed crimes.

  • Foster carer

    Foster carers look after children and young people who are not able to live with their birth family.

  • Funeral director


    Funeral directors organise burials and cremations and support people who have lost a loved one.

  • Horticultural therapist

    Horticultural therapists use gardening to improve their clients' health and wellbeing, and to learn new skills.

  • Housing officer

    Housing officers look after rented properties for local authorities and housing associations.

  • Learning mentor

    Learning mentors support students and trainees who need extra help with their learning.

  • Life coach

    Life coaches support and encourage people to help them make informed decisions in their working and personal lives.

  • Money adviser

    Debt counsellor

    Money advisers help people whose debts have become too large or difficult for them to handle.

  • Music therapist

    Music therapists use music and sound to help improve people's emotional well-being, relieve stress and build confidence.

  • Nanny

    Nannies work in private homes caring for their employer's babies and young children.

  • Nursery manager

    Pre-school manager

    Nursery managers run early years childcare centres, providing day care for babies and young children from birth to 5 years.

  • Nursery worker

    Nursery assistant, early years educator, pre-school assistant, playgroup assistant, childcare worker

    Nursery workers help babies and children up to 5 years old to develop and learn in a safe and supportive setting.

  • Occupational therapist

    Occupational therapists help people who have difficulties caused by physical or mental illness, disability, accidents or ageing.

  • Occupational therapy support worker

    OT assistant, OT technician, rehabilitation assistant, technical instructor

    Occupational therapy support workers work with occupational therapists to help sick, injured or old people to be as independent as possible.

  • Palliative care assistant

    Specialist healthcare assistant

    Palliative care assistants provide specialist end of life care and support to patients and their families.

  • Patient advice and liaison service officer

    Patient advice and liaison service (PALS) officers give support, advice and information about NHS services.

  • Play therapist

    Play therapists help children to make sense of difficult life experiences, or complex psychological issues through play.

  • Playworker

    Childcare assistant, wraparound care assistant

    Playworkers help children and young people to develop their physical, social and language skills through play.

  • Probation officer

    Probation officers supervise people serving community and prison sentences and help them to stay away from crime.

  • Psychological wellbeing practitioner

    Primary care graduate mental health worker

    Psychological wellbeing practitioners treat and support people with mental health problems.

  • Psychologist

    Chartered psychologist

    Psychologists apply the scientific study of the mind and behaviour to solving real life problems.

  • Psychotherapist

    Child psychotherapist, child and adolescent psychotherapist, family psychotherapist

    Psychotherapists use talking therapies to help people deal with emotional, behavioural and mental health issues.

  • Religious leader

    Faith leader, cleric

    Religious or faith leaders offer spiritual and moral guidance, and lead public worship and other religious ceremonies.

  • Residential support worker

    Residential support workers look after the physical and mental wellbeing of children or vulnerable adults in care.

  • School crossing patrol

    Lollipop person

    School crossing patrols help children and adults cross the road safely on their way to and from school.

  • School houseparent

    Boarding school houseparent, resident houseparent

    A school houseparent looks after the welfare, safety and pastoral care of students in boarding schools.

  • Senior care worker

    Senior care assistant, senior adult social care support worker

    Senior care workers provide physical and emotional support to individuals and supervise teams of care assistants.

  • Social services manager

    Service manager, service development manager

    Social services managers plan and co-ordinate the health, welfare and social care support provided by local authorities and charities.

  • Social work assistant

    Community support worker, home care officer, social services assistant

    Social work assistants give advice and help people with their physical, emotional and social needs.

  • Social worker

    Social workers help to protect vulnerable children and adults from harm or abuse, and support people to live independently.

  • Substance misuse outreach worker

    Recovery worker, early intervention worker

    Substance misuse outreach workers advise people with drug or alcohol problems and encourage them to get help from local support services.

  • Victim care officer

    Witness support officer

    Victim care officers give practical and emotional support to people who've been affected by crime.

  • Welfare rights officer

    Welfare benefits adviser, welfare rights adviser, Citizens Advice adviser

    Welfare rights officers give support and free advice to the public.

  • Youth offending team officer

    Youth offending service officer

    Youth offending team officers work to prevent children and young people under 18 from offending and reoffending.

  • Youth worker

    Youth workers support young people aged 11 up to 25 to help them with their personal, social and educational development.