Law and legal

  • Bailiff

    Enforcement agent, enforcement officer, High Court enforcement officer

    Bailiffs collect debts or give notices, summons and court documents.

  • Barrister


    Barristers give advice to solicitors and represent people in disagreements, investigations and in court.

  • Barrister's clerk

    Barrister's clerks run the day to day administration tasks for barristers at offices called chambers.

  • Company secretary

    Chartered secretary

    Company secretaries make sure that directors follow company law and finance rules.

  • Coroner

    Coroners investigate deaths where the causes are unexplained or the person’s identity is unknown.

  • Court administrative assistant

    Court administrative assistants help run courts and court offices.

  • Court legal adviser

    Court clerk, assistant to justices' clerk

    Court legal advisers are lawyers who give advice about the law to magistrates and judges.

  • Court usher

    Court administrative officer

    Court ushers make sure everyone involved in a case attends court and knows what to do.

  • Credit controller

    Debt collection agent

    Credit controllers manage the money given to customers and recover debts owed by businesses and individuals.

  • Crown prosecutor

    Reviewing lawyer

    Crown prosecutors decide if there's enough evidence to take cases to court.

  • Equalities officer

    Equality and diversity officer, equal opportunities officer, equality, diversity and human rights officer

    Equalities officers make sure people are treated equally in an organisation by promoting positive practices and attitudes.

  • Family mediator

    Family mediators help separating couples agree on future plans without having to go to court.

  • Forensic psychologist

    Criminal psychologist, investigative psychologist, legal psychologist

    Forensic psychologists study criminal behaviour and help people who have committed crimes.

  • Forensic scientist

    Forensic scientists prepare traces of physical evidence for use in courts of law.

  • Immigration adviser (non-government)

    Immigration case worker

    Immigration advisers give advice on asylum claims, nationality, citizenship, deportation and employment, and represent clients in court.

  • Interpreter

    Interpreters change spoken words from one language into another, either face-to-face or remotely.

  • Judge

    Crown court judge, high court judge, recorder, tribunal judge

    Judges hear evidence in criminal and civil courts, make rulings and pass sentences based on the information presented during cases.

  • Legal executive

    Chartered legal executive

    Legal executives specialise in one area of law and carry out similar tasks to solicitors.

  • Legal secretary

    Legal secretaries provide administrative support for lawyers and legal executives.

  • Licensed conveyancer

    Property lawyer

    Conveyancers are property lawyers who deal with the legal and financial sides of buying and selling property and land.

  • Paralegal

    Legal assistant, property assistant, contracts assistant

    Paralegals carry out research, prepare legal documents and give legal advice to clients.

  • Patent attorney

    Patent attorneys advise clients on how to apply for patents for new inventions, designs or processes.

  • Probation officer

    Probation officers supervise people serving community and prison sentences and help them to stay away from crime.

  • Probation services officer

    Probation services officers (PSOs) supervise people serving community and prison sentences who are considered to be low risk.

  • Proofreader

    Proofreaders check text before it's printed or published to make sure it's correct and complete.

  • Solicitor


    Solicitors advise clients about the law and act on their behalf in legal matters.

  • Tax inspector

    Senior tax professional

    Tax inspectors make sure the correct amount of tax is paid and investigate cases of fraud.

  • Trade mark attorney

    Trade mark attorneys advise clients about registering and protecting designs and trade marks.

  • Trading standards officer


    Trading standards officers (TSOs) protect consumers and businesses by promoting a safe and fair trading environment.

  • Victim care officer

    Witness support officer

    Victim care officers give practical and emotional support to people who've been affected by crime.

  • Welfare rights officer

    Welfare benefits adviser, welfare rights adviser, Citizens Advice adviser

    Welfare rights officers give support and free advice to the public.