Home services

  • Accommodation warden

    Property manager, hall manager

    Accommodation wardens manage the day-to-day running of services like sheltered housing, youth hostels and student flats.

  • Bin worker

    Refuse collector, waste operative, recycling collector, bin loader

    Bin workers remove waste and recycling from homes or businesses.

  • Bodyguard

    Close protection officer, CPO, personal bodyguard

    Bodyguards protect individuals and groups from potential threats to their safety at events, when travelling and during everyday activities.

  • British Sign Language interpreter

    Language professional

    British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters help deaf and hearing people communicate with one another.

  • Butler

    Household manager

    Butlers carry out personal and household tasks for their employers.

  • Care escort

    Community transport passenger assistant

    Care escorts travel with elderly people or people with disabilities to help them get to their appointments.

  • Care worker

    Care assistant, support worker, nursing home assistant

    Care workers help vulnerable people manage their daily activities and live as independently as possible.

  • Caretaker


    Caretakers look after buildings like schools, community centres and flats, keeping them secure, clean and well-maintained.

  • Celebrant

    Celebrants conduct personalised wedding, naming and funeral ceremonies. They also help mark other important occasions and relationships.

  • Chauffeur


    Chauffeurs drive clients from place to place, making sure their journey is safe and comfortable, and that they arrive on time.

  • Chimney sweep

    Chimney sweeps clean the chimneys and flues of open fires and other coal, gas, oil and wood-fired heating systems.

  • Cleaner

    Cleaning services operative

    Cleaners carry out general cleaning of offices, shops and homes, or more specialised cleaning like upholstery or the outsides of buildings.

  • Community transport driver

    Community transport drivers provide a door-to-door service for people who can't easily use public transport.

  • Crematorium technician

    Crematorium technicians make sure things run smoothly during a cremation.

  • Domestic energy assessor

    Domestic energy assessors (DEAs) work out the energy efficiency of domestic buildings like houses and flats.

  • Embalmer

    Embalmers preserve and prepare bodies for burial or cremation.

  • Handyperson

    Handyman, handywoman

    A handyperson carries out minor repairs and small jobs in people's homes and businesses.

  • Highways cleaner

    Street cleaner

    Highways cleaners keep footpaths, green spaces and streets clean, and deal with litter, graffiti, and items left by the public.

  • Industrial cleaner

    Commercial cleaner

    Industrial cleaners clear up after fires, floods and crime scenes, as well as places that need to be hygienically clean.

  • Laundry worker

    Dry cleaner

    Laundry workers operate washing machines, steamers and dryers to clean items like clothes, bed linen, towels and uniforms.

  • Life coach

    Life coaches support and encourage people to help them make informed decisions in their working and personal lives.

  • Personal shopper

    Personal shopping assistant

    Personal shoppers give advice to customers and suggest products that meet their needs.

  • Pest control technician

    Pest control officer

    Pest control technicians identify infestations and get rid of pests like rats, mice, wasps and cockroaches.

  • Postperson

    Postal delivery worker

    A postperson collects, sorts and delivers letters and packages to homes and businesses.

  • Recycled metals worker

    Recycled metals workers grade, sort, clean and bale scrap metal for recycling.

  • Recycling operative

    Waste resources recycling operative, recycling centre operative

    Recycling operatives collect, sort and recycle materials like glass, paper and plastics from homes and businesses.

  • Religious leader

    Faith leader, cleric

    Religious or faith leaders offer spiritual and moral guidance, and lead public worship and other religious ceremonies.

  • Satellite engineer

    Satellite systems technician

    Satellite engineers install and repair telecoms equipment and satellite systems.

  • Tailor

    Bespoke tailor

    Tailors make or alter custom clothes for individual customers.

  • Wedding planner

    Wedding planners help couples organise their wedding.

  • Window cleaner

    Window cleaners work on domestic and commercial premises, cleaning windows, doors and other glass surfaces.