Engineering and maintenance

  • Acoustics consultant

    Acoustician, acoustics engineer

    Acoustics consultants help manage and control noise and vibrations in homes, workplaces and other environments.

  • Aerospace engineer

    Aeronautical engineer

    Aerospace engineers design, build and maintain planes, spacecraft and satellites.

  • Aerospace engineering technician

    Aerospace engineering technicians design, build, test and repair civil and military aircraft.

  • Agricultural contractor

    Agricultural contractors provide specialised, seasonal or temporary services to farmers.

  • Agricultural engineer

    Agricultural engineers build, service and repair agricultural, horticultural and forestry machinery and equipment.

  • Agricultural engineering technician

    Agricultural engineering technicians help to solve practical engineering problems in land-based industries.

  • Air accident investigator

    Air accident engineering inspector, air accident operations inspector

    Air accident investigators search for the causes of accidents and serious incidents, involving civilian aircraft.

  • Audio-visual technician

    AV technician

    Audio-visual technicians install and operate visual, sound and lighting equipment in learning, events and performance spaces.

  • Auto electrician

    Auto electricians fit and repair the electrics in motor vehicles.

  • Automotive engineer

    Automotive engineers design, develop, test and build cars and motorbikes.

  • Boat builder

    Marine craftsperson, shipwright

    Boat builders build, repair and refit marine craft from small sailing boats to large sea-going vessels.

  • Bottler

    Bottling operative

    Bottlers fill, pack and operate bottling machinery in food, drink and bottling factories.

  • Broadcast engineer

    Broadcast engineers make sure television, radio and online programmes are broadcast at the right times and are high quality.

  • Building control officer

    Building control surveyor

    Building control officers make sure building regulations are followed.

  • Building services engineer

    Building services engineers design, fit and maintain the heating, lighting and power systems in offices, hospitals and shopping centres.

  • Building site inspector

    Clerk of works, building site supervisor

    Building site inspectors check the quality and safety of construction work.

  • CAD technician

    Structural technician, BIM technician, digital design technician

    Computer-aided design (CAD) technicians use software to design structures, machinery, goods and components.

  • CNC machinist

    CNC operator

    Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinists make precision parts for the engineering and manufacturing industries.

  • Caretaker


    Caretakers look after buildings like schools, community centres and flats, keeping them secure, clean and well-maintained.

  • Cellar technician

    Drinks dispense technician, cellar service engineer, beer quality technician

    Cellar technicians install and maintain drinks systems in places like pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants.

  • Chemical engineer

    Chemical engineers develop ways to turn raw materials into everyday products.

  • Chemical engineering technician

    Chemical engineering technicians help to research, develop and manufacture plastics, medicines, foods, textiles and fuel.

  • Chimney sweep

    Chimney sweeps clean the chimneys and flues of open fires and other coal, gas, oil and wood-fired heating systems.

  • Civil engineer

    Engineering consultant

    Civil engineers design and manage construction projects, from bridges and buildings to transport links and sports stadiums.

  • Civil engineering technician

    Civil engineering technicians give technical support to engineers on construction projects.

  • Clinical engineer

    Biomedical engineer, bio-engineer

    Clinical engineers design, develop and maintain equipment for diagnosing illness and treating patients.

  • Construction plant mechanic

    Mobile plant fitter

    Construction plant mechanics service and repair heavy plant machinery like diggers, dumper trucks and cranes.

  • Critical care technologist

    CCT, intensive care unit technician

    Critical care technologists (CCTs) make sure equipment used in the care of critically ill patients is safe and effective.

  • Cycle mechanic

    Bike mechanic, bicycle technician

    Cycle mechanics build, repair and service all kinds of bikes.

  • Design and development engineer

    Research engineer, industrial designer

    Design engineers improve product performance and efficiency while researching and developing new manufacturing ideas and systems.

  • Diver

    Divers work underwater at sea, or in rivers, lakes, canals and reservoirs.

  • Domestic appliance service engineer

    White goods engineer, field service engineer

    Domestic appliance service engineers install and repair household items like washing machines, TVs and fridges.

  • Electrical engineer

    Electrical engineers design, build and maintain electrical systems, machinery and equipment.

  • Electrical engineering technician

    Electrical engineering technicians install, repair and maintain electrical equipment, systems and controls.

  • Electrician

    Electrical fitter, electrical technician, installation electrician

    Electricians fit, service and repair electrical machinery, equipment, circuits and wiring.

  • Electricity distribution worker

    Transmission worker, electrical craftsperson

    Electricity distribution workers maintain and repair the power lines that connect homes and businesses to the national grid.

  • Electricity generation worker

    Power station worker

    Electricity generation workers operate and maintain equipment in power stations.

  • Electronics engineer

    Electronics engineers design and develop systems for industry, from mobile communications to manufacturing and aerospace.

  • Electronics engineering technician

    Electronics maintenance technician

    Electronics engineering technicians design, build and maintain electronic systems and components.

  • Energy engineer

    Renewable energy engineer

    Energy engineers research, design and build power generation plants, and work in the oil and gas industry.

  • Engineering construction craftworker

    Engineering construction craftworkers fit and repair machinery and equipment in buildings and structures from oil rigs to sports stadiums.

  • Engineering construction technician

    Engineering construction technicians install, service and repair machinery and equipment in buildings, factories and industrial plants.

  • Engineering craft machinist

    Engineering craft machinists make parts for manufacturing and engineering industries, using lathes, cutters and grinders.

  • Engineering maintenance technician

    Engineering maintenance technicians service and repair equipment in industries like manufacturing, production and transport.

  • Engineering operative

    Engineering operatives use hand and machine tools to do jobs across different industries.

  • Ergonomist

    Human factors specialist

    Ergonomists research ways to design products, workplaces or systems to suit the people who need to use them.

  • Farrier

    Farriers make and fit horseshoes, and care for horses' hooves.

  • Fire safety engineer

    Fire engineer

    Fire safety engineers ensure that buildings are designed to keep people, property and the environment safe from the dangers of fire.

  • Food factory worker

    Food process operative, food processing worker

    Food factory workers make frozen, tinned, baked and dried products.

  • Forklift truck engineer

    Forklift service engineer

    Forklift truck engineers service and repair lift trucks.

  • Foundry mould maker

    Moulder, core maker, foundry castings maker

    Foundry moulders make moulds to shape molten metal into castings used to make parts for industry.

  • Foundry process operator

    Foundry worker

    Foundry process operators make metal castings and parts used in industry.

  • Furniture maker

    Cabinet maker, craft woodworker

    Furniture makers make and restore items like chairs, tables, beds and display cabinets.

  • Garage manager

    Service centre manager, vehicle workshop manager, workshop controller

    Garage managers are responsible for the day-to-day running of a garage workshop.

  • Gas mains layer

    Gas networks operative

    Gas mains layers install and maintain pipelines that supply homes and businesses with gas.

  • Gas service technician

    Gas installation engineer, gas maintenance engineer

    Gas service technicians install, service and repair gas appliances and heating systems.

  • Glazier

    Glass installer, fenestration installer

    Glaziers install and repair glass in houses, hotels, offices and shops.

  • Handyperson

    Handyman, handywoman

    Handypersons carry out minor repairs and small jobs in people's homes and businesses.

  • Heating and ventilation engineer

    HVAC engineer

    Heating and ventilation engineers install and service heating and air conditioning in large buildings like factories, schools and hospitals.

  • Helicopter engineer

    Helicopter technician, aviation engineer, aircraft engineer

    Helicopter engineers service and repair helicopters.

  • Hydrologist

    Water engineer, flood engineer, hydrology engineer

    Hydrologists study the impact of rainfall, rivers and waterways on the environment. They also look at sustainable ways to use water.

  • Lift engineer

    Lift service technician, escalator engineer

    Lift engineers install, service and repair lifts and escalators.

  • Lighting technician


    Lighting technicians set up and operate lighting for concerts, conferences and theatre, or in film and TV productions.

  • Live sound engineer

    Audio engineer

    Live sound engineers control the sound at events like theatre performances, music concerts and festivals.

  • Locksmith

    Locksmiths install, repair and maintain locks for homes and businesses.

  • Maintenance fitter

    Engineering maintenance fitter, maintenance engineer

    Maintenance fitters install, service and repair industrial machinery and equipment.

  • Manufacturing systems engineer

    Manufacturing systems engineers design and install manufacturing equipment and assembly production lines.

  • Marine engineer

    Marine engineers design, build, test and repair boats, ships, underwater craft, offshore platforms and drilling equipment.

  • Marine engineering technician

    Shipbuilding technician

    Marine engineering technicians design, build, service and repair boats and ships.

  • Materials engineer

    Materials scientist

    Materials engineers research the behaviour of materials used in industry to make them stronger, lighter and more hard-wearing.

  • Materials technician

    Materials technicians test the behaviour of materials under different conditions to help develop new products and improve existing ones.

  • Mechanical engineer

    Mechanical engineers develop and design the components and machinery used in manufacturing, construction and other industries.

  • Mechanical engineering technician

    Mechanical maintenance technician

    Mechanical engineering technicians design, install and repair industrial plant machinery and parts.

  • Merchant Navy engineering officer

    Merchant Navy engineering officers maintain the mechanical and electrical machinery and instruments on board a ship.

  • Metrologist

    Metrology technician, metrology engineer

    Metrologists use very precise measurements in science and industry to make sure that processes and products meet high standards.

  • Model maker

    Model makers create 3D models for many uses, from prototypes and film sets, to construction, engineering and architecture projects.

  • Motor mechanic

    Light vehicle service technician, car mechanic

    Motor mechanics repair and service cars and vans.

  • Motor vehicle breakdown engineer

    Roadside recovery technician, roadside assistance technician

    Motor vehicle breakdown engineers help people whose vehicles have broken down.

  • Motor vehicle fitter

    Fast fit technician

    Motor vehicle fitters repair and replace worn or damaged tyres, exhausts, batteries and parts.

  • Motorcycle mechanic

    Motorcycle technician, motorbike mechanic

    Motorcycle mechanics service and repair motorbikes, scooters and quad bikes.

  • Motorsport engineer

    Motorsport engineers design, build and test racing cars and bikes.

  • Naval architect

    Naval architects design, construct, refit and repair marine vessels and offshore structures.

  • Non-destructive testing technician

    NDT technician

    Non-destructive testing (NDT) technicians test materials and components used in buildings, structures and machinery.

  • Nuclear engineer

    Nuclear engineers are responsible for the safe running of nuclear power stations.

  • Nuclear technician

    Nuclear operating technician, radiation protection technician

    Nuclear technicians maintain equipment and monitor radiation levels in nuclear power stations.

  • Offshore drilling worker

    Driller, assistant driller, derrickhand

    Offshore drilling workers drill for undersea oil and gas on offshore rigs.

  • Oil and gas operations manager

    Oil and gas production manager, oil and gas exploration manager

    Oil and gas operations managers plan and co-ordinate onshore and offshore exploration and production.

  • Patent attorney

    Patent attorneys advise clients on how to apply for patents for new inventions, designs or processes.

  • Physicist

    Physicists study matter and try to work out why it behaves like it does.

  • Pipe fitter


    Pipe fitters install industrial pipework, valves and pumps in factories, commercial premises and large buildings like power stations.

  • Plumber

    Plumbers fit and service hot and cold water systems, heating systems and drainage networks.

  • Product designer

    Industrial designer, 3D designer, prototype designer, inventor

    Product designers create new products and improve existing ones.

  • Quality control assistant

    Quality control technician, quality assurance inspector

    Quality control assistants check that control systems and products meet recognised standards.

  • Quantity surveyor

    Quantity surveyors oversee construction projects, managing risks and controlling costs.

  • Quarry engineer

    Mining engineer

    Quarry engineers explore new sites, oversee extraction operations and manage sites at the end of their commercial life.

  • Quarry worker

    Quarry operative, opencast mine worker, opencast miner

    Quarry workers dig out and process rock, slate, gravel and sand from quarries or mines.

  • Rail engineering technician

    Rolling stock engineer

    Rail engineering technicians install and service mechanical and electrical systems across the rail network

  • Rail track maintenance worker

    Railway worker

    Rail track maintenance workers inspect and repair railway tracks, bridges, tunnels and viaducts.

  • Railway signaller

    Points operator, signal operator

    Railway signallers operate the signals and points on rail tracks to keep trains running safely and on time.

  • Recycling operative

    Kerbside collector

    Recycling operatives collect recyclables like glass, paper and plastics from homes and businesses for sorting at waste collection sites.

  • Refrigeration and air-conditioning installer

    Air-con engineer, HVAC engineer

    Refrigeration and air-conditioning installers work on air quality and cooling systems in buildings, storage and transport.

  • Road worker

    Road construction operative, highways operative

    Road workers build and repair roads and motorways.

  • Robotics engineer

    Automation engineer

    Robotics engineers design and build machines to do automated jobs in industries like manufacturing, aerospace and medicine.

  • Roustabout

    Oil rig worker, oil and gas worker

    Roustabouts work on oil and gas rigs, maintaining equipment, unloading supplies and helping the drilling team.

  • Satellite engineer

    Satellite systems technician

    Satellite engineers install and repair telecoms equipment and satellite systems.

  • Security systems installer

    Alarm fitter, CCTV installer

    Security systems installers fit and service electronic systems that detect intruders or control access to buildings and sites.

  • Shoe repairer

    Shoe repairers mend footwear, and items like belts and bags.

  • Signalling technician

    Signalling technicians maintain and repair rail telecommunications equipment and signalling systems.

  • Smart meter installer

    Smart meter installers fit gas and electricity meters in customers' homes and businesses.

  • Steel erector

    Steel erectors assemble the beams and girders that support the structure of buildings, stadiums, bridges and tunnels.

  • Steel fixer

    Steel fixers install and tie together steel bars and mesh that is used to strengthen concrete on construction projects.

  • Sterile services technician

    Decontamination technician

    Sterile services technicians clean and decontaminate equipment used in hospital operating theatres, clinics and wards.

  • Structural engineer

    Structural engineers help to design and build large structures and buildings, like hospitals, sports stadiums and bridges.

  • TV or film sound technician

    Production mixer, audio recordist

    Sound technicians are responsible for recording the voices and background noise on TV and film shoots.

  • Technical brewer

    Technical brewers are in charge of the whole process of beer production and packaging.

  • Technical surveyor

    Surveying technician

    Technical surveyors carry out tasks to support chartered surveyors, architects and engineers.

  • Telecoms engineer

    Telecoms technician, telecommunications field engineer

    Telecoms engineers work on satellite, digital TV and fibre optic systems, and install broadband, mobile and landline phone networks.

  • Thatcher

    Thatchers use traditional craft skills, materials and tools to replace and repair thatched roofs.

  • Thermal insulation engineer

    Pipework lagger, thermal insulation installer

    Thermal insulation engineers install insulating materials around pipes, boilers and ductwork in factories and buildings.

  • Toolmaker

    Toolmakers make the precision tools that are used in manufacturing to create products and parts.

  • Upholsterer

    Upholsterers pad, cover and re-cover furniture with materials like leather, suede or cotton.

  • Vehicle body repairer

    Panel beater, motor vehicle body repairer

    Vehicle body repairers mend damaged vehicle parts and bodywork using metalworking and finishing techniques.

  • Vending machine operator

    Vending machine operative, vending operator

    Vending machine operators fill, maintain and collect money from machines that dispense products like drinks and snacks.

  • Watch or clock repairer

    Horologist, clock maker

    Clock and watch repairers mend and restore clocks and watches.

  • Water network operative

    Distribution technician, leakage operative, network service technician

    Water network operatives look after the pipes, mains and pumping stations that supply homes, businesses and industry with water.

  • Water treatment worker

    Water quality technician, water treatment operator

    Water quality technicians treat and process clean water and waste water.

  • Wind turbine technician

    Renewable energy technician

    Wind turbine technicians maintain and repair wind farm turbines on land and at sea.

  • Window fitter

    Window fitters install windows, conservatories and glazed curtain walls in homes and businesses.

  • Windscreen fitter

    Windscreen repairer, vehicle glazing technician

    Windscreen fitters repair and replace damaged glass on cars, vans, buses and lorries.