Emergency and uniform services

  • Aid worker

    Development worker, humanitarian aid worker, relief worker

    Aid workers help people in overseas countries affected by man-made and natural disasters like wars, outbreaks of disease and earthquakes.

  • Army officer

    Professionally qualified officer, officer reserve, commissioned officer

    Army officers command, manage and motivate teams of soldiers.

  • Bodyguard

    Close protection officer, CPO

    Bodyguards protect individuals or groups from the risk of violence, kidnapping and other harmful situations.

  • Border Force officer

    Border Force officers protect UK border entry points like ports and airports, by enforcing immigration and customs regulations.

  • Chief inspector

    Detective chief inspector, DCI

    Chief inspectors manage operational teams in their districts like CID or neighbourhood policing, co-ordinating responses to major incidents.

  • Civil enforcement officer

    Parking enforcement officer, parking warden, traffic warden

    Civil enforcement officers make sure drivers follow parking regulations on public streets and in car parks.

  • Coastguard

    Coastguards help prevent the loss of life at sea by supporting search and rescue operations.

  • Diver

    Divers work underwater at sea, or in rivers, lakes, canals and reservoirs.

  • Dog handler

    Police dog handler

    Dog handlers work with specially trained dogs to help detect and prevent crime, find lost or missing people and protect property.

  • Door supervisor

    Bouncer, doorman, doorwoman

    Door supervisors enforce the entry policy in venues like pubs, bars and nightclubs and look after the safety of the people inside.

  • Fingerprint officer

    Fingerprint officers check and compare fingerprints taken from crime scenes.

  • Firefighter

    Fireman, firewoman

    Firefighters help to protect people from fire and other dangers, and give advice on fire prevention.

  • Immigration officer

    Immigration officers make decisions on whether people have the right to visit or stay in the UK.

  • Merchant Navy deck officer

    Navigation officer

    Merchant Navy deck officers look after the day-to-day running and navigation of ships, and take care of passengers and cargo.

  • Merchant Navy engineering officer

    Merchant Navy engineering officers maintain the mechanical and electrical machinery and instruments on board a ship.

  • Merchant Navy rating

    Merchant Navy ratings carry out a wide range of jobs to help the day-to-day running of a ship.

  • Neighbourhood warden

    Street warden, community warden, city warden, safety warden

    Neighbourhood wardens work in local communities to reduce anti-social behaviour.

  • Paramedic

    Ambulance paramedic

    Paramedics respond to emergency call-outs and give people life-saving medical help.

  • Police community support officer

    PCSO, community support officer, CSO

    Police community support officers (PCSOs) work in a neighbourhood policing team dealing with minor offences and crime prevention.

  • Police officer

    Policeman, policewoman, police constable

    Police officers keep law and order, investigate crime, and support crime prevention.

  • Prison governor

    Prison operational manager

    Prison governors manage prisons, remand centres and young offenders' institutions.

  • Prison instructor

    Instructional officer

    Prison instructors teach prisoners new skills to help them find work after their release.

  • Prison officer

    Prison officers supervise inmates in prisons, remand centres and young offenders' institutions.

  • RAF airman or airwoman

    Royal Air Force (RAF) airmen and airwomen use specialist skills for support roles in defence and peacekeeping missions.

  • RAF non-commissioned aircrew

    Weapons systems operator

    Royal Air Force (RAF) non-commissioned aircrew fly patrols over UK airspace and take part in NATO operations.

  • RAF officer

    Royal Air Force (RAF) officers manage teams of airmen and airwomen. They also carry out flying duties or work in specialist ground support.

  • Road traffic accident investigator

    Collision investigator

    Road traffic accident investigators carry out examinations to work out why an accident happened.

  • Royal Marines commando

    Green beret

    Royal Marines commandos take part in frontline combat, and are sent at short notice to deal with emergency situations.

  • Royal Marines officer

    Commando officer

    Royal Marines officers lead teams of commandos in combat situations, at sea and on land.

  • Royal Navy officer

    Royal Navy officers manage ships and submarine operations and are responsible for all personnel in their command.

  • Royal Navy rating

    Seaman, seawoman, sailor

    Royal Navy ratings work in a variety of job roles on board ships or submarines at sea, or onshore at a naval base.

  • Scenes of crime officer

    SOCO, crime scene investigator, CSI officer

    Scenes of crime officers (SOCOs) find, record and recover evidence from crime scenes.

  • Search and rescue worker

    Mountain rescue worker, cave rescue worker

    Search and rescue workers are volunteers who help lost and injured people to safety from mountains, rivers, caves and coastal areas.

  • Security Service personnel

    Security Service personnel protect the UK against threats to national security.

  • Security manager

    Security operations manager

    Security managers are responsible for protecting an organisation's buildings and keeping staff and visitors safe.

  • Security officer

    Security guard

    Security officers make sure that buildings, valuables and people are safe and secure.

  • Soldier

    Army soldier, army non-commissioned officer (NCO), army reserve

    Soldiers take part in peacekeeping missions, supporting humanitarian efforts or fighting in combat zones around the world.

  • Store detective

    Store detectives prevent shoplifting in retail outlets and shopping centres.