Delivery and storage

  • Airport baggage handler

    Airline baggage handler, cargo handler, ramp agent

    Airport baggage handlers load and unload luggage and cargo from aircraft.

  • Builders' merchant

    Builders' merchants sell building and DIY products and materials.

  • Delivery van driver

    Van driver, multi-drop driver, courier

    Delivery van drivers collect parcels from a warehouse and deliver them to customers.

  • Food packaging operative

    Food packaging operatives work on production lines, putting food and drink products into containers, cans and packets.

  • Forklift driver

    Forklift operator, forklift truck driver

    Forklift drivers load and unload goods in warehouses, ports and airports.

  • HGV driver

    LGV driver, tanker driver, lorry driver

    HGV drivers transport and deliver products including bulk materials and liquids between suppliers and customers.

  • Import-export clerk

    Shipping agent, freight forwarder, import-export agent

    Import-export clerks ship goods to and from the UK by road, rail, air and sea.

  • Motor vehicle parts person

    Service adviser

    Motor vehicle parts persons supply individuals, dealerships and garages with spare parts.

  • Order picker

    Order assembler, warehouse assistant

    Order pickers find and check all the things on a customer's order and send them to be packed.

  • Packer

    Order packer, packaging worker, bottler

    Packers work in factories and warehouses, putting products into containers like boxes, bottles and crates ready for delivery.

  • Port operative

    Stevedore, port worker, passenger operations worker

    Port operatives work with cargo, passengers and marine craft in ports and harbours.

  • Postperson

    Postal delivery worker

    A postperson collects, sorts and delivers letters and packages to homes and businesses.

  • Removals worker

    Removals porter

    Removals workers move household and office furniture and other items from one location to another.

  • Road transport manager

    Road transport managers make sure goods and passengers reach their destinations safely, on time and in the most cost effective way.

  • Roadie

    Event technician, production technician, technical support crew, road crew

    Roadies set up and dismantle stage, instruments, sound and lighting equipment before and after live shows, festivals and events.

  • Shelf filler

    Stock assistant, shelf stacker, customer assistant

    Shelf fillers put stock out on supermarket shelves and in display cabinets. They also remove out of date items and help customers.

  • Stock control assistant

    Stores assistant, stock supervisor, supply chain assistant

    Stock control assistants keep track of stock levels and make sure there are enough supplies to meet customer demand.

  • Supply chain manager

    Supply chain managers organise the movement of goods and materials from suppliers and manufacturers to customers.

  • Warehouse manager

    Warehouse managers plan and co-ordinate operations at distribution warehouses, large retail stores and factories.

  • Warehouse worker

    Warehouse operative, warehouse picker

    Warehouse workers load and unload deliveries, move goods to storage areas and pack orders for dispatch.