Creative and media

  • Actor

    Actors use speech, movement and expression to bring characters to life in theatre, film, television and radio.

  • Advertising account executive

    Account handler, client services executive

    Advertising account executives manage clients for an advertising agency.

  • Advertising account planner

    Strategic planner

    Advertising account planners develop and plan ad campaigns to make sure adverts reach the right audience.

  • Advertising art director


    Art directors design images for ad campaigns, including film, TV, website and printed adverts.

  • Advertising copywriter

    Copywriter, creative, advertiser

    Advertising copywriters create the words used for print, TV, radio and online adverts.

  • Advertising media buyer

    Media buyer, TV, radio or digital buyer, out of home buyer

    Media buyers book advert space on newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and websites.

  • Advertising media planner

    Communications planner, media strategist

    Advertising media planners decide which media is best to advertise their client's products or services.

  • Animator

    2D animator, 3D animator, stop-frame animator

    Animators bring drawings and computer generated characters to life on screen.

  • Antique dealer

    Antique dealers buy and sell old objects and collector items.

  • Architect

    Architects design new buildings and the spaces around them, and work on the restoration and conservation of existing buildings.

  • Architectural technician

    Architectural technicians work closely with architectural teams on the design process of building projects.

  • Architectural technologist

    Building technologist

    Architectural technologists manage all stages of the technical design and planning process of building projects.

  • Archivist

    Curator, records manager

    Archivists look after and preserve collections of historical records and documents.

  • Art editor

    Art editors use images and words to decide what an online or printed magazine looks like.

  • Art therapist

    Art psychotherapist

    Art therapists help people express difficult thoughts and feelings through creative activities.

  • Art valuer

    Art valuers give advice on how much a piece of art or a collection of art is worth.

  • Arts administrator

    Arts administrators help organise exhibitions, manage staff and look after buildings like museums.

  • Audio visual technician

    AV technician

    Audio visual technicians install and run screens, sound and lighting equipment at events and performances.

  • Blacksmith

    Forge worker, artist blacksmith

    Blacksmiths work with different metals to make and repair decorative, industrial and everyday items.

  • Bookbinder

    Print finisher

    Bookbinders turn printed paper into books and catalogues by hand or using machines.

  • Bookseller

    Booksellers buy books from publishers or wholesalers and sell them on to customers.

  • Broadcast engineer

    Broadcast engineers make sure programmes are shown at the right times and are high quality.

  • Broadcast journalist

    Broadcast journalists research and present the news on TV, radio and the internet.

  • Ceramics designer-maker


    Ceramics designer-makers design and create products made from clay.

  • Choreographer

    Choreographers design steps, movements and dances, usually with music, for dancers and other artists to perform.

  • Commissioning editor

    Commissioning editors request or buy authors, book titles and ideas to publish them.

  • Community arts worker

    Community arts workers help local communities plan and take part in activities like drama, dance, painting and photography.

  • Computer games tester

    Games tester, quality assurance tester, video games tester

    Computer games testers play computer games to check they work and find problems or ‘bugs’.

  • Conservator

    Conservation officer

    Conservators look after and restore objects, artworks or buildings of historical importance.

  • Copy editor

    Copy editors make sure writing is clear, consistent, correct and ready to publish in printed and online publications.

  • Costume designer

    Costume designers are responsible for the overall look of the clothes and costumes in theatre, film or television productions.

  • Dance teacher

    Dance teachers train and develop their pupils in all types of dance.

  • Dancer

    Dance artist, dance performer

    Dancers use movement to perform for live audiences or in recorded performances.

  • Design and development engineer

    Research engineer, industrial designer

    Design engineers improve product performance and efficiency while researching and developing new manufacturing ideas and systems.

  • Director of photography

    DP, DoP, cinematographer

    Directors of photography (DoPs) manage lighting and camera crews on TV and film productions to create the right look and feel for images.

  • DJ

    Disc jockey, djay

    DJs play music for audiences in live venues, at events or on the radio.

  • Dressmaker

    Seamstress, seamster

    Dressmakers create and alter clothing like dresses, trousers and shirts for their customers.

  • Drone pilot

    Unmanned aerial vehicle pilot, UAV pilot

    Drone pilots remotely operate aircraft used in work like surveying, filmmaking and aerial photography.

  • Editorial assistant

    Publishing assistant

    Editorial assistants provide support at all stages of the publication process for books, journals, magazines and online content.

  • Entertainer

    Entertainers perform for audiences in stage, cabaret or comedy shows.

  • Ergonomist

    Human factors specialist

    Ergonomists research ways to design products, workplaces or systems to suit the people who need to use them.

  • Exhibition designer

    Exhibition designers work with organisations and individuals to turn their ideas into engaging displays.

  • Fashion design assistant

    Fashion design assistants help designers to create new materials, styles, colours and patterns for fashion brands and labels.

  • Fashion designer

    Fashion designers use creative and technical skills to design new clothing and fashion ranges.

  • Fashion model

    Fashion models promote clothing and accessory brands at fashion events and in magazines and digital media.

  • Film critic

    Film reviewer, movie critic, film writer

    Film critics analyse films and produce reviews and articles for newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, social media channels and websites.

  • Fine artist

    Fine artists create original works of art using methods like painting, drawing and sculpture.

  • Florist

    Florists sell flowers and create bouquets for weddings, funerals, events and special occasions.

  • Footwear designer

    Footwear designers create new designs and sample patterns for men's, women's and children's footwear.

  • Franchise owner


    Franchise owners are self-employed people who buy a licence to operate a business under an established company's brand.

  • French polisher

    French polishers use traditional skills to treat wood and restore furniture and items like staircases, doors and musical instruments.

  • Furniture designer

    Furniture designers create designs for mass-produced furniture, furniture made in small batches and one-off pieces.

  • Furniture maker

    Cabinet maker, craft woodworker

    Furniture makers make and restore items like chairs, tables, beds and display cabinets.

  • Furniture restorer

    Furniture restorers repair and conserve modern and antique pieces of furniture.

  • Glassmaker

    Craft glassmaker, glass decorator, finisher

    Craft glassmakers design, make and decorate glass objects from windows, mirrors and tableware to one-off decorative pieces.

  • Graphic designer

    Graphic designers create visual branding, adverts, brochures, magazines, website designs, product packaging and displays.

  • Illustrator

    Illustrators produce drawings, paintings or diagrams for use in products like books and greetings cards, or on packaging.

  • Indexer

    Indexers build up lists of searchable terms for things like books, magazines, reports, websites and photographic collections.

  • Interior designer

    Interior designers plan and supervise the layout and decoration of the inside of buildings.

  • Jewellery designer-maker


    Jewellery designers plan and create jewellery, silverware and other decorative products.

  • Kitchen and bathroom designer

    Kitchen and bathroom designers plan and design kitchens and bathrooms to meet customer needs.

  • Knitting machinist

    Industrial knitter, knitting machine operator

    Knitting machinists produce products including clothing, soft furnishings and medical textiles on knitting machines.

  • Landscape architect

    Landscape architects plan, design and manage the landscapes we live and work in.

  • Leather craftworker

    Leather worker, saddler

    Leather craftworkers make clothes, shoes and accessories from leather, using traditional methods.

  • Lighting technician


    Lighting technicians set up and operate lighting for concerts, conferences and theatre, or in film and TV productions.

  • Live sound engineer

    Audio engineer

    Live sound engineers control the sound at events like theatre performances, music concerts and festivals.

  • Magazine journalist

    Magazine reporter, staff writer

    Magazine journalists research and write news articles and features for a wide variety of publications.

  • Make-up artist

    Media make-up artist, theatrical make-up artist, make-up designer

    Make-up artists apply make-up and style hair for people appearing on camera or in front of a live audience.

  • Market research data analyst

    Data analyst, research analyst, market intelligence analyst, statistician, data insight professional

    Market research data analysts study statistics and information collected through surveys.

  • Market researcher

    Market research interviewer, market research assistant

    Market research interviewers find out what people think about products, services or issues.

  • Marketing executive

    Digital marketing executive, marketing officer, online marketing officer

    Marketing executives promote a company's products, services or brand.

  • Marketing manager

    Brand manager, account manager

    Marketing managers plan how to promote products, services or brands and oversee all marketing activity.

  • Media researcher

    Media researchers support producers by finding information, people and places for television or radio programmes.

  • Medical illustrator

    Clinical photographer, medical videographer, medical graphic designer, medical artist

    Medical illustrators produce photographs, videos and graphical images for use in healthcare.

  • Model maker

    Model makers create 3D models for many uses, from prototypes and film sets, to construction, engineering and architecture projects.

  • Museum curator

    Art gallery curator

    Museum and art gallery curators manage collections of objects of artistic, scientific, historical and general interest.

  • Music promotions manager

    Music promotions managers publicise recording artists or live music events.

  • Music teacher

    Music teachers give music lessons to people of all ages and abilities.

  • Music therapist

    Music therapists use music and sound to help improve people's emotional well-being, relieve stress and build confidence.

  • Musical instrument maker and repairer

    Musical instrument technician

    Musical instrument makers and repairers create new musical instruments or repair ones that have been damaged.

  • Musician

    Classical musician, pop musician, instrumentalist, composer

    Musicians create or perform different types of music, from classical to pop and rock.

  • Naval architect

    Naval architects design, construct, refit and repair marine vessels and offshore structures.

  • Newspaper journalist

    Reporter, press officer

    Newspaper journalists investigate and write up stories for local, regional and national newspapers.

  • Newspaper or magazine editor

    Newspaper and magazine editors manage the style and content of printed publications.

  • Pattern cutter

    Pattern cutters create pattern templates based on drawings from a fashion designer to make clothes.

  • Photographer

    Photographers take and process pictures of people, places, products and events.

  • Photographic stylist

    Photographic stylists use clothes, props and accessories to stage sets and create the right 'look' and mood for a photo shoot.

  • Photographic technician

    Photo processing technician, digital imaging technician

    Photographic technicians help photographers and produce images from digital files.

  • Picture framer

    Picture framers mount items like photographs, paintings and other artwork for display.

  • Pre-press operator

    Pre-press technician

    Pre-press operators work in the printing industry, getting artwork from a client and supplying the printing plates used on a press.

  • Product designer

    Industrial designer, 3D designer, prototype designer, inventor

    Product designers create new products and improve existing ones.

  • Prop maker

    Prop designer, prop builder, props technician

    Prop makers create objects for use in films, TV programmes and the theatre.

  • Public relations director

    PR director, PR account director, communications director

    Public relations (PR) directors manage communication campaigns and strategy for their organisation or clients.

  • Public relations officer

    PR officer, PR executive, communications officer, press officer

    Public relations (PR) officers manage an organisation's public image and reputation.

  • Radio broadcast assistant


    Radio broadcast assistants help make sure that live and recorded radio programmes run smoothly.

  • Reprographic assistant

    Print room operator

    Reprographic assistants use copiers, scanners and printers to make documents, brochures, leaflets and pictures.

  • Retail merchandiser

    Retail merchandisers make sure that goods are in the right stores, or online, at the right time and the right price.

  • Roadie

    Event technician, production technician, technical support crew, road crew

    Roadies set up and dismantle stage, instruments, sound and lighting equipment before and after live shows, festivals and events.

  • Sales manager

    Sales managers organise, coach and lead teams of sales representatives to work towards agreed targets.

  • Screenwriter

    Screenplay writer, script writer

    Screenwriters write the stories for feature films, TV programmes and computer games.

  • Set designer

    Set designers design and create the settings for commercials, television, theatre and films.

  • Sewing machinist

    Machinist, industrial sewing machinist, sewing machine operator

    Sewing machinists make clothes, accessories and soft furniture.

  • Signwriter

    Signwriters produce signs by hand and with machines for display on shops, businesses and company vehicles.

  • Sports commentator

    Sports announcer, sports presenter, pundit

    Sports commentators describe what's happening at sporting events and offer their opinions to listeners and viewers.

  • Stage manager

    Stage managers make sure the sets, equipment and props are ready for the opening of a performance.

  • Stagehand

    Stage technician, backstage crew member

    Stagehands help to get things ready on set for performances in the theatre, at concerts and in TV and film studios.

  • Stonemason

    Stonemasons carve blocks of stone, and lay and fit stonework into place on construction projects.

  • Studio sound engineer

    Audio engineer, recording engineer

    Sound engineers work in studios and make recordings of music, speech and sound effects.

  • Sub-editor


    Sub-editors check written content before it's published in newspapers, magazines and on websites.

  • Tailor

    Bespoke tailor

    Tailors create custom made suits, jackets and coats for individual customers. They also alter and repair clothes.

  • Tattooist and body piercer

    Body artist

    Tattooists create permanent artwork on their clients' bodies. Body piercers pierce parts of clients' bodies so that they can wear jewellery.

  • Taxidermist

    Taxidermists preserve mammals, birds, reptiles and fish for display in museums or private collections.

  • Technical author

    Technical copywriter, technical editor, technical communicator

    Technical authors write documents and guides that explain how to use products and services.

  • Technical textiles designer

    Textile technical specialist, analytical textiles technologist

    Technical textiles designers research, create and test textiles for use in healthcare, manufacturing and construction materials.

  • Textile designer

    Textile designers create fabric designs and patterns for woven, knitted and printed materials for clothes and interior furnishings.

  • Textiles production manager

    Textiles manufacturing manager

    Textiles production managers look after all stages of textiles manufacturing.

  • Translator

    Translators convert the written word from the 'source language' into the 'target language', making sure that the meaning is the same.

  • TV or film assistant director


    Assistant directors support directors by organising and planning everything on TV or film sets.

  • TV or film assistant production co-ordinator

    Assistant production co-ordinators support producers in making film or TV programmes.

  • TV or film camera operator

    Camera operators record images for film, television, commercials and online.

  • TV or film director

    Movie director, television director, director

    TV and film directors lead the creative and technical production for cinema and television.

  • TV or film producer

    TV and film producers plan and manage the business side of creating television programmes and films.

  • TV or film production manager

    Production managers take care of the business, financial and recruitment side of film and television productions.

  • TV or film production runner

    TV and film runners work behind the scenes, doing small jobs and basic tasks to help productions run smoothly.

  • TV or film sound technician

    Production mixer, audio recordist

    Sound technicians are responsible for recording the voices and background noise on TV and film shoots.

  • TV presenter

    Television presenter, TV broadcaster

    TV presenters introduce and host programmes, interview people and report on issues and events.

  • Upholsterer

    Upholsterers pad, cover and re-cover furniture with materials like leather, suede or cotton.

  • Video editor

    Film editor

    Video editors bring together images and sound for use in film, TV and online productions.

  • Visual merchandiser

    Window dresser, display assistant

    Visual merchandisers design eye-catching product displays and store layouts to encourage sales.

  • Vlogger

    Video blogger

    Vloggers create and post videos online about their life or specialist interests.

  • Wardrobe assistant

    Wardrobe assistants help to make, find and look after clothes and costumes used in theatre, film and TV productions.

  • Web content editor

    Content designer, web content designer, digital editor, online content producer

    Web content editors research, write and manage an organisation’s online content, including text, images, video and other media.

  • Web designer

    Digital designer

    Web designers use their creative and technical skills to design new websites and redesign existing ones.

  • Writer


    Writers create written work such as books, scripts, poems, blogs and technical guides.