Computing, technology and digital

  • 3D printing technician

    3D printing technicians make different products, such as medical implants, car parts, aircraft parts or fashion accessories.

  • App developer

    App designer, mobile app developer, application developer

    App developers design and build mobile applications for PCs, mobile phones and tablets.

  • Archivist

    Curator, records manager

    Archivists look after and preserve collections of historical records and documents.

  • Business analyst

    Process analyst, business systems analyst

    Business analysts investigate situations and problems to find improvements for businesses.

  • Cartographer

    Cartographers collect information about the geography of an area to design and produce maps, charts and plans.

  • Computer games developer

    Computer games designer, video games designer

    Computer game developers create video games for phones, tablets, PCs and consoles.

  • Computer games tester

    Games tester, quality assurance tester, video games tester

    Computer games testers play computer games to check they work and find problems or ‘bugs’.

  • Cyber intelligence officer

    Cyber intelligence officers gather information about where threats to information technology (IT) systems come from and how they work.

  • Data entry clerk

    Audio typist, copy typist

    Data entry clerks type information into databases and systems and create letters, reports and other documents.

  • Data scientist

    Data engineer, machine learning engineer, AI data scientist

    Data scientists use software, artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyse and interpret large amounts of data.

  • Database administrator

    Database administrators create, organise and look after computer systems that store data for a company.

  • Digital delivery manager

    Digital service delivery manager

    Digital delivery managers are responsible for the performance of a team and the digital products and services they produce.

  • Digital product owner

    Digital product owners lead a team of specialists to build online products and services for customers.

  • E-learning developer

    Digital learning developer, instructional designer

    E-learning developers create course materials that can be studied on a computer network or online.

  • Forensic computer analyst

    Cyber security professional

    Forensic computer analysts investigate computer-based crime, often called cyber crime.

  • Geospatial technician

    Geographic information systems (GIS) technician

    Geospatial technicians collect data to create maps, update satellite navigation systems and plan construction projects.

  • Indexer

    Indexers build up lists of searchable terms for things like books, magazines, reports, websites and photographic collections.

  • Information scientist

    Information manager, information officer, knowledge manager

    Information scientists manage an organisation's information resources and make sure it's all available.

  • IT project manager

    IT project lead, IT programme manager, IT consultant

    IT project managers plan and organise the work of a project team to deliver IT products and services on time and on budget.

  • IT security co-ordinator

    Information security analyst

    IT security co-ordinators protect their client's data from illegal access, theft and misuse.

  • IT service engineer

    Computer service and repair technician, IT engineer, IT service technician, IT support engineer, IT field engineer

    IT service engineers install and repair computer systems and equipment.

  • IT support technician

    IT user support technician, IT helpdesk technician, service desk technician, IT service engineer

    IT support technicians identify and solve software and hardware problems on computers.

  • IT trainer

    IT trainers design and teach computer courses.

  • Librarian

    Learning resource manager

    Librarians run public and private libraries, managing access to books, multi-media resources and computers.

  • Library assistant

    Information assistant, learning resource centre assistant

    Library assistants help librarians to manage the day-to-day running of a library.

  • Media researcher

    Media researchers support producers by finding information, people and places for television or radio programmes.

  • Network engineer

    Network administrator

    Network engineers design, set up and maintain physical and virtual IT communication systems for organisations.

  • Network manager

    Network administrator, IT manager

    Network managers help design, install and run an organisation's IT, data and telephone systems.

  • Operational researcher

    Management scientist

    Operational researchers analyse problems and find ways to help organisations make better decisions and improve the way they work.

  • Pre-press operator

    Pre-press technician

    Pre-press operators work in the printing industry, getting artwork from a client and supplying the printing plates used on a press.

  • Robotics engineer

    Automation engineer

    Robotics engineers design and build machines to do automated jobs in industries like manufacturing, aerospace and medicine.

  • Security Service personnel

    Security Service personnel protect the UK against threats to national security.

  • Social media manager

    Social media strategist, social media specialist, digital community manager, social media marketing manager

    Social media managers communicate with organisations’ customers and clients through social media channels.

  • Software developer


    Software developers design, build and test computer programmes.

  • Solutions architect

    Solution architects lead teams that create new computer systems for clients.

  • Systems analyst

    System analysts look at a company's IT structure to work out how to improve it.

  • Technical architect

    IT systems architect

    Technical architects help plan, design and build IT systems for clients.

  • Technical author

    Technical copywriter, technical editor, technical communicator

    Technical authors write documents and guides that explain how to use products and services.

  • Telephonist

    Switchboard operator

    Telephonists, or switchboard operators, answer and connect calls and take messages.

  • Test lead

    Senior test lead, lead test analyst, test manager, digital test lead

    Test leads check new computer systems and applications that are being created or upgraded.

  • User experience (UX) designer

    UX designers use research to understand their users and create websites, applications and software to meet their needs.

  • User researcher

    User researchers collect, analyse and test data to design websites, software and applications based on user needs.

  • Vlogger

    Video blogger

    Vloggers create and post videos online about their life or specialist interests.

  • Web content editor

    Content designer, digital editor, online content producer

    Web content editors research, write and manage an organisation’s online content, including text, images, video and social media.

  • Web designer

    Digital designer

    Web designers use their creative and technical skills to design new websites and redesign existing ones.

  • Web developer

    Front end developer, back end developer, full stack developer

    Web developers use computer code to create and maintain websites and applications.