Beauty and wellbeing

  • Acupuncturist

    Acupuncturists insert needles into pressure points on clients' bodies to help with stress and improve their wellbeing.

  • Aromatherapist

    Aromatherapists use essential oils to help improve their clients' emotional wellbeing and relieve everyday stresses.

  • Art therapist

    Art psychotherapist

    Art therapists help people express difficult thoughts and feelings through creative activities.

  • Beauty consultant

    Beautician, beauty brand ambassador

    Beauty consultants sell beauty products and help customers choose which ones to buy.

  • Beauty therapist


    Beauty therapists provide face and body treatments to help clients look and feel better.

  • Chiropractor

    Chiropractors manipulate joints, bones and soft tissue to help clients control pain or prevent injuries from re-occurring.

  • Counsellor


    Counsellors help people discuss their problems and feelings in a confidential setting.

  • Dance movement psychotherapist

    Dance movement psychotherapists use dance and movement to help people deal with emotional, psychological and physical issues.

  • Dramatherapist

    Dramatherapists use group work, role play and movement to help people with their feelings and emotions.

  • Hairdresser

    Hairstylist, barber

    Hairdressers and barbers cut, shave, colour and style customers' hair.

  • Health play specialist

    Hospital play specialist

    Health play specialists understand child development and use therapeutic play activities to help children cope when in hospital.

  • Homeopath

    Homeopaths use homeopathic remedies to stimulate the body to heal itself.

  • Massage therapist

    Massage therapists manipulate clients' muscles and soft tissues, treat sports injuries and give help to people with health issues.

  • Medical herbalist

    Herbal medicine practitioner

    Medical herbalists use plants and herbal remedies to help improve their clients' health and wellbeing.

  • Music therapist

    Music therapists use music and sound to help improve people's emotional well-being, relieve stress and build confidence.

  • Nail technician


    Nail technicians offer customers treatments like nail art, filing, polishing and extensions.

  • Naturopath

    Naturopaths believe in improving their clients' health through natural therapies and education about lifestyle, diet and exercise.

  • Nutritional therapist

    Nutritional therapists help people by giving advice on diet, nutrition and lifestyle.

  • Osteopath

    Osteopaths massage, move and stretch clients' muscles and joints to improve wellbeing or help with a health issue.

  • Pilates teacher

    Pilates teachers help clients change and improve their body strength and posture through breathing, stretching and conditioning exercises.

  • Reflexologist

    Reflexologists apply pressure to areas of the hands and feet (reflexes) to promote relaxation and wellbeing.

  • Reiki healer

    Reiki practitioner

    Reiki practitioners use their hands to help people relax and improve their wellbeing.

  • Tattooist and body piercer

    Body artist

    Tattooists create permanent artwork on their clients' bodies. Body piercers pierce parts of clients' bodies so that they can wear jewellery.

  • Yoga therapist

    Yoga therapists use yoga to help people with physical and emotional issues, and specific health conditions.