• Accounting technician

    Accounting technicians handle day-to-day money and finance tasks for all types of business.

  • Admin assistant

    Office administrator, clerical assistant, administrative assistant

    Admin assistants give support to businesses by organising meetings, typing documents and updating computer records.

  • Arts administrator

    Arts administrators help organise exhibitions, manage staff and look after buildings like museums.

  • Assistant immigration officer

    Assistant immigration enforcement officer

    Assistant immigration officers check that people have the right to visit or stay in the UK.

  • Auditor

    Internal and external auditors check organisations' financial records and procedures to make sure they are accurate and efficient.

  • Bid writer

    Bid coordinator

    Bid writers prepare documents used to request contracts to provide services or apply for funding.

  • Bilingual secretary

    Bilingual executive assistant

    Bilingual secretaries provide administrative services in English and one or more foreign languages.

  • Bookkeeper

    Accounts clerk

    Bookkeepers keep financial records up to date and help prepare accounts.

  • Border Force officer

    Border Force officers protect UK border entry points like ports and airports, by enforcing immigration and customs regulations.

  • Car rental agent

    Car rental assistant, vehicle reservation agent

    Car rental agents hire out vehicles to businesses and the public.

  • Charity fundraiser

    Charity fundraisers organise events and activities to encourage people to donate to causes and organisations.

  • Civil Service administrative officer

    Civil Service administrative officers work in government departments, carrying out policies and running services for the public.

  • Civil Service executive officer

    Civil Service executive officers work in government departments that develop policies and provide services to the public.

  • Credit controller

    Debt collection agent

    Credit controllers manage the money given to customers and recover debts owed by businesses and individuals.

  • Data entry clerk

    Audio typist, copy typist

    Data entry clerks type information into databases and systems and create letters, reports and other documents.

  • Diplomatic Service officer

    Diplomatic Service officers help to promote and protect British interests, businesses and citizens overseas.

  • Estates officer

    Estates officers are responsible for managing and upkeeping land and property that belongs to local councils and public bodies.

  • Farm secretary

    Agricultural business administrator, rural business administrator

    Farm secretaries are responsible for the day-to-day running of the business side of farms.

  • Finance officer

    Financial officer, finance clerk, treasurer

    Finance officers help to manage the finances of an organisation by keeping track of its income and controlling its spending.

  • Financial services customer adviser

    Sales adviser, contact centre agent

    Financial services customer advisers work in contact centres for banks, insurance, investment and credit companies.

  • GP practice manager

    GP surgery manager, general practitioner practice manager

    GP practice managers run the business side of doctors' surgeries and health centres.

  • Health and safety adviser

    Health and safety officer

    Health and safety advisers work to reduce accidents, injury and health problems in the workplace.

  • Health records clerk

    Medical records clerk

    Health records clerks keep medical records up to date.

  • Health service manager

    Hospital manager, NHS hospital manager

    Health service managers run local healthcare services like hospitals, GP practices and community clinics.

  • Human resources officer

    Personnel officer, HR officer

    Human resources (HR) officers hire, develop and look after employees in a company.

  • Immigration officer

    Immigration officers make decisions on whether people have the right to visit or stay in the UK.

  • Import-export clerk

    Shipping agent, freight forwarder, import-export agent

    Import-export clerks ship goods to and from the UK by road, rail, air and sea.

  • Insurance broker

    Insurance agent

    Insurance brokers use their knowledge of the insurance market to help find the right cover, at the best price, for their customers.

  • Insurance technician

    Insurance technicians give administrative support in all types of insurance work.

  • Interpreter

    Interpreters change spoken words from one language into another, either face-to-face or remotely.

  • Local government administrative assistant

    Local government administrative assistants provide office support in council departments and give information to the public.

  • Local government officer

    Best value officer, external funding officer, policy officer, democratic services officer

    Local government officers put council policies into practice and provide local services.

  • Local government revenues officer

    Council tax officer, business rates officer, income and recovery officer

    Revenues and benefits officers work for local councils and deal with housing benefits, rents, council tax and business rates.

  • Medical secretary

    Medical personal assistant

    Medical secretaries provide office support in hospitals, GP surgeries, private clinics and universities.

  • Office manager

    Office managers oversee the day-to-day running of an office or department.

  • Payroll administrator

    Payroll clerk, payroll officer

    Payroll administrators make sure employees get paid the right amount on the right date.

  • Personal assistant

    PA, executive secretary, executive assistant

    Personal assistants carry out support tasks for individuals and managers including administration, diary management and event planning.

  • Post Office customer service assistant

    Post Office counter clerk, Post Office counter consultant

    Post Office customer service assistants help customers in post offices and at counters in shops.

  • Proofreader

    Proofreaders check text before it's printed or published to make sure it's correct and complete.

  • Purchasing manager

    Procurement manager

    Purchasing managers buy equipment, goods and services for their company or organisation.

  • Quality control assistant

    Quality control technician, quality assurance inspector

    Quality control assistants check that a company's services or products meet necessary standards.

  • Receptionist

    Receptionists are the first point of contact for visitors to an organisation.

  • Recruitment consultant

    Recruitment consultants help employers find suitable staff, and match people to permanent and temporary jobs.

  • Registrar of births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships

    Registrars collect and record details of all births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships.

  • Reprographic assistant

    Print room operator

    Reprographic assistants use copiers, scanners and printers to make documents, brochures, leaflets and pictures.

  • Sales administrator

    Sales administration assistant, sales office clerk

    Sales administrators process sales orders and payments, arrange deliveries and offer after-sales support.

  • School business manager

    School business professional

    School business managers oversee the efficient day-to-day running of a school and support the headteacher and leadership team.

  • School secretary

    School secretaries provide administrative support in schools.

  • Secretary

    Secretaries provide administrative support for all types of organisations.

  • Security Service personnel

    Security Service personnel protect the UK against threats to national security.

  • Sports development officer

    Sports development officers organise projects and training to encourage people to take part in sport and have a healthier lifestyle.

  • Supervisor

    Team leader, first line manager

    Supervisors manage teams of staff and organise their workload.

  • Telephonist

    Switchboard operator

    Telephonists, or switchboard operators, answer and connect calls and take messages.

  • Town planning assistant

    Town planning technician

    Town planning assistants process applications, give advice about regulations and carry out design work and office administration.

  • Trade union official

    Trade union officer

    Trade union officials represent, train and advise union members, carry out research and develop policy.

  • Trading standards officer


    Trading standards officers (TSOs) protect consumers and businesses by promoting a safe and fair trading environment.