Salary information

Source: Labour market information (LMI) derived from the Office for National Statistics. Where LMI salary data was found unsuitable for a small number of job profiles, that information has been provided by a National Careers Service subject matter expert.

About LMI

LMIforall provides (the most recently available) Gross Weekly Pay Data (average, median and decile) for one year based on a combination of data from ASHE (Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings) and the Labour Force Survey (LFS). The salary data is organised around the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC2010 4-digit categories). SOC codes classify all jobs into 369 detailed categories, according to the tasks that are undertaken, and the level and nature of the skills and qualifications required to do the job. For privacy reasons, the actual numbers are not made public, but the estimates are designed to be close enough to the actual data for meaningful statistics.

Information on earnings and paid hours worked is obtained from employers and does not cover:

  • Self-employed
  • Employees not paid during the reference period (exclude payments of arrears from another period made during the survey period; any payments due as a result of a pay settlement but not yet paid at the time of the survey will also be excluded)
  • Earnings of employees not on adult rates of pay, most of whom will be young people
  • Survey and hence salary figures does not fully cover certain types of seasonal work, for example employees taken on for only summer or winter work.
  • Jobs within the armed forces