Exam resits

Not everyone gets the grades they want the first time. If you're not happy with your results, you can consider retaking your exams.

Cost of resitting exams

It might be free to retake your exams the year after you get your results. It usually depends on the grade you got, the subject you want to retake and the type of school or college you attend.

You should check with your school or college to see if you need to pay to resit your exam.

Dates for resitting exams

You can resit GCSE English and maths in Autumn.

For all other exams, you'll need to take them next year during the usual exam period.

Subjects you can retake

You can usually retake any exam you want.

You'll have to retake GCSE English and maths if you're under 18 and did not get at least a grade 4.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to take functional skills qualifications instead.

Arranging an exam retake

You should contact your school or college if you want to retake an exam or assessment.

Things to consider

To help you decide if a resit is right for you, you might want to:

  • check that the topics included on the exam will stay the same
  • think about whether you’re likely to get the grade you want the second time
  • check that the university you want to go to accepts resit marks as some only accept them in certain circumstances

Gap years

You could resit your exams during a gap year.

If you did not get the grades you expected, a gap year can give you time to:

Alternatives to retaking exams

Even if you did not get the grades you wanted, you still have lots of options to choose from.

Take a look at all the different study and work options available to you.

Special educational needs (SEND) advice

You can get education advice if you're disabled or have special educational needs. 

It may help you choose what you'd like to do next.