A levels

Subject-based qualifications usually assessed by exams. They can lead to further study, training or work.

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You usually study A levels over 2 years. Most students choose 3 subjects to study but you can take more or fewer. 

You can even study for a BTEC or other qualification at the same time.

Grades you need to take A levels

You should check with the school or college where you’d like to study to find out exactly what you’ll need.

You normally need at least:

  • 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4
  • grade 6 in the subjects you want to study

Subjects you can take at A level

There are more than 40 different A level subjects to choose from.

To decide which subjects to take at A level, you should consider which subjects:

  • you're good at or would be interested in
  • you might need for a certain job or further study after A levels
  • will help you keep your options open if you’re not sure what you want to do in the future

After your A levels

You can use your A levels towards:

You could also look for volunteering opportunities to get workplace experience and build new skills.

Finding A level courses

Use our course search to look for different types of learning opportunities.

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A levels
Higher education
Higher technical qualifications (HTQs)
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Supported internships
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Special educational needs (SEND) advice

You can get education advice if you're disabled or have special educational needs. 

It may help you choose what you'd like to do next.

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