Understanding the working world during COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 on jobs

Around 8 million people in the UK are now working from home. Businesses have furloughed a large number of their employees in sectors like:

  • accommodation and food services
  • tourism and leisure
  • construction
  • creative arts
  • non-food retail

People in all sectors, on the lowest incomes, are most at risk of becoming unemployed.

There is a growing demand for people to work in sectors like IT, logistics and food sales.

Employers are also looking for workers with good digital skills. You are more likely to bounce back from any setbacks in the labour market if you have transferable skills.

You can check how the skills you have might match to new career opportunities using our skills assessment tools.

How Covid-19 is affecting recruitment

To get a new job, you’ll need to know about virtual recruitment methods. This includes things like:

You might need to learn new digital skills for your current job, like:

  • remote team leading
  • team working online
  • video conferencing
  • online selling

Find out about online learning opportunities using The Skills Toolkit.

Coping with change

As a young person at 16 or 18, you may have to rethink your next steps. If you're an experienced worker you might be facing redundancy or thinking about a career change.

Sudden changes can be unsettling. We can help you understand what's going on in the labour market. This, in turn, can help you to think about what might lie ahead and plan for your future.

Helping you take your next steps

The National Careers Service can support you to put the skills you have to good use. We can also help you gain new skills to begin or get on in your career.

Our support is available to you at any stage of your career. You can use our online resources or speak to our advisers.

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