Make the most of a careers fair

A careers fair can be an excellent opportunity for you to meet and connect with employers. Most fairs happen in person but some events may take place online.

Knowing what to do and how to prepare for a career and jobs fair will help you make the most of the opportunities on offer.

Set yourself a goal

Consider setting yourself a realistic target of what you’d like to achieve at the careers fair.

This will help you stay motivated and help you reflect on how well the day went.

Examples of realistic goals include:

  • speak to 3 people from different companies
  • get 2 names you can connect with on LinkedIn
  • learn about applying for jobs at a company you’re interested in

Prepare for a careers fair

Being prepared is the best way to stand out and make a good impression.

To prepare for a careers fair:

During a careers fair

To make the most of the opportunities on offer at a careers fair:

  • use your prepared introduction to get you started
  • speak to companies you’re interested in and ask them questions
  • try to find out people's names and ask to connect on LinkedIn
  • take notes as you go so you can remember important details and names
  • look at free services if offered, such as CV checking or careers advice

After the careers fair

You could follow up with the connections you made by:

  • messaging people you spoke with to say thank you for their time
  • asking any follow up questions you have
  • applying for jobs with the companies that interested you
  • learning how to network with the people you met

You could also contact any companies you did not get chance to speak to at the fair. This is a good way to start a conversation with an employer you're interested in.

Reflect and learn

You should also reflect on how the day went to try to learn from the experience.

It can be useful to think about whether you:

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