How digital skills can help you

Introductory digital skills are essential for most jobs. Intermediate and advanced digital skills can open up new sectors and career opportunities for you.

Numeracy skills are also highly valued by employers and are a key component of the more advanced digital skills.

Find out how a free digital skills course can improve your confidence to use technology for work, learning and daily life.

Why introductory digital skills matter

Introductory level digital skills can help you connect with friends and family and make everyday life easier. These skills can help you to find work or advance in your job.

Introductory level digital skills include being able to:

  • use devices like a computer, tablet or mobile phone for simple, personal and work tasks
  • find and use information on the internet
  • understand how to go online safely and responsibly
  • communicate socially and professionally using email, messaging and social media sites
  • shop, bank, access services or apply for a job online

Why intermediate and advanced digital skills matter

Intermediate and advanced digital skills can include things like:

  • how to code a website
  • use social media as a marketing tool

Lots of employers look for these kinds of skills and it's worth noting that:

  • half of all company bosses say they can't find candidates with advanced digital skills
  • roles requiring digital skills pay 29% more than those that don’t
  • digital skills can lead to new careers and opportunities

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