Getting the most out of online learning

Make online learning a fun and rewarding experience.

Prepare yourself

To enjoy your course and make the most of learning online it can be helpful to:

  • make sure you have all the materials and equipment you'll need
  • get help with childcare or other responsibilities if you can, so you can focus
  • make yourself a study plan
  • highlight any deadlines you'll need to meet
  • check if there's an online tutor or how you can ask for help if you need it
  • be kind to yourself - getting into studying online can take time and practice, so do not give up

Prepare your environment

To give yourself the best chance of success:

  • find a quiet space to work
  • check your internet connection is working
  • let everyone at home know the times you'll be studying so there are no distractions

Find an online course

Use The Skills Toolkit to access free, high quality courses to help you build up your skills.

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Skills assessment

Take an assessment to learn more about your skills and the careers that might suit you.

Speak to an adviser

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