Choosing online learning

Online learning is a way to improve your skills without leaving your home.

Online learning explained

Online learning takes place over the internet instead of in a classroom. It's a flexible way to fit learning around your daily life. You can study subjects that are useful for most jobs like:

  • English
  • maths
  • digital skills

There are also courses to build your skills and confidence to get into work and get on in your career. You can do a course that suits your interests and matches your current level of skill.

You'll usually enrol online and get access to a website where you can find course materials. Some courses have an online tutor. You may also have the chance to get to know other learners through a ‘virtual classroom’ or group chat.

What to look for in an online course

When signing up for an online course you should check:

  • the entry requirements
  • the start date
  • how long the course will be
  • how much time you'll need to commit to study
  • if there's a cost - such as for a certificate or learning materials
  • how you'll study - in group lessons or independent study
  • what support you'll get
  • whether you need to create an online account
  • if you'll get a certificate or qualification

Find an online course

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