Career and job support for people with a disability

Help and advice to find and stay in work, for people with a disability or health condition.

How specialist advice can help

If you feel you are facing difficulties as a result of a disability or health condition, having specialist advice may help you to understand your rights and get support to reach your career goals.

It is illegal to discriminate against someone with a disability. In spite of this many disabled people still face challenges getting into and staying in the workplace. Schemes like Disability Confident can help you explore companies that are showing a commitment to hiring people with a disability and creating more inclusive work places.


Types of help available

Organisations offering specialist advice can help you to:

  • explore your options
  • understand your legal rights at work
  • find out about funding and specialist support like Access to Work
  • get advice that meets your specific needs
  • access professionals like mentors, advocates and specialist advisers

Many charities are experts in understanding the challenges of a specific disability. They may be able to give you practical support to:

  • find Disability Confident employers near you
  • search for job opportunities and get help with the recruitment process
  • disclose your disability during the job application process, at the best time for you
  • ask for reasonable adjustments in the workplace

General help and resources

Organisations that can offer a broad range of support include:

  • Job Help campaign from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)
  • Disability Rights UK helpline and online careers advice support
  • Remploy employment and skills support for people with disabilities and health conditions
  • The Shaw Trust information and advice to find and keep a job and develop your career

Help at different stages or for specific disabilities

Some organisations offer support to you at different ages and stages of your career. You can find tailored help for your circumstances or the challenges of a particular disability or health condition. The following are some of the more well known organisations who can help with advice on:

School and college leavers

Students and graduates

Learning disabilities

Sensory disabilities

Specific learning disabilities

Mental health

  • Mind Back to work support - help managing your money and bills when you're too unwell, and the advice to find a supportive employer when you feel ready to return to work

Physical health conditions

There are many other organisations that may be able to help you in your particular circumstances. If you need help to find the right kind of support, speak to one of our advisers.