Build foundation digital skills to help your career

Boost your confidence and show employers you have the digital skills needed in the workplace.

Digital skills are not just for office workers and IT professionals. These days you need them even for jobs that normally do not ask for high levels of qualifications or experience.

Digital skills in the workplace

Foundation digital skills are the stepping stone to learning lots of other new things.

In the future most jobs will require some level of digital skill. Technology is also creating lots of exciting new jobs. These jobs will need workers with the confidence to do things like:

  • use a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or personal computer to get onto the internet
  • communicate online using email and social media sites
  • work from home using online tools like Zoom, Skype, Teams and Facetime
  • create online accounts to access services and buy goods
  • use the internet to search for reliable information
  • behave safely and legally online

Building your confidence in a digital world

The digital world can help you keep connected with family and friends and make daily life less challenging. Gaining confidence with you digital skills will also increase your chances of getting and keeping a job.

Learning new digital skills will improve your access to information, advice and services. The more confidence you have using the internet and communicating online, the wider the range of learning, training and career opportunities you’ll have at your fingertips.

It can be scary learning something new, especially if you’ve been out of education for a long time. Remember, not all learning has to take place in a classroom. There are lots of flexible ways to learn at your own pace, in your own time and in a place you feel comfortable.

Digital skills to benefit your career

Having digital skills can help you find resources and organisations that can support you to make career decisions.

Career websites are great sources of useful information and advice, with online resources like:

When it comes to applying for jobs and going for interviews, if you do not have foundation digital skills you may miss out on lots of opportunities.

Many jobs are only advertised online and they often require you to apply using an online application form or through emailing a CV.

The job selection process may also include online tests or a video interview. Knowing how to cope with these will improve your job chances.

Learning digital skills for free

If you do not like the idea of doing a course, you could start off by asking younger members of your family to help you get online.

Young people are often much more familiar with using technology. This will only get you so far though, so it really is worthwhile looking at some easy ways to build your skills.

There are lots of free resources and short courses to help you improve your foundation digital skills. You could:

  • use Learn My Way or Lloyds Bank Academy – to gain digital skills for daily life, like online banking, shopping and helping children with schoolwork
  • find an introductory online course in The Skills Toolkit
  • use your local library – you can book time on a PC and use their learning resources
  • sign up for a course at your local college or adult education service

Next steps for developing your digital skills

If you are looking to improve your digital skills you could follow the next steps, including:

Speak to an adviser

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