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Qualification name Diploma in Site Carpentry
Qualification level 2
Awarding organisation City & Guilds of London Institute
Learning method Classroom based
Course hours Full-time
Course start date 2nd September 2024
Cost £1,287.00
Cost description This is free for 16-18 year olds
Attendance pattern Daytime

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Working in construction as a joiner involves: > Learning the uses of different types and grades wood and choosing the right one for the job > Understanding technical drawings and how their work will fit within the building > Cutting wood on machines or by hand, measuring and marking it according to the design. Qualified joiners are in high demand across the country and valuable woodworking skills are a reliable and satisfying way to make a living. If you are interested in becoming a Joiner or Carpenter or working in associated trades, this course will provide you with the next steps required to develop a wider range of practical skills in all aspects of bricklaying.

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You will need the Level 1 Diploma in carpentry and joinery. There is no direct entry through GCSEs. You will be required to attend an interview at the college for all courses and Apprenticeships and we will request a school or college report

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The topics typically, covered within this course include: > How to carry out safe working practices in construction > Knowledge of information, quantities and communication with others > Knowledge of building methods and construction technology > Carry out first fix flooring and roofing >Carry out first fix frames, partitions and stairs >Carry out second fixing operations >Carry out carpentry maintenance >Set up and operate a circular saw * These units may be subject to change and are only representative at this point, however we keep these as up to date as possible. You will be provided with a finalised full course overview at Connecting to College. It is also expected that you will attend college in suitable work wear / clothes as you will get dirty/dusty. Health and safety are of paramount importance in the construction industry and we place a great emphasis on this part of your education.

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This is a predominately a practical based course, with the incorporation of underpinning knowledge delivered through theory sessions. Both session types are led by specialised tutors. Practical assessments are carried out in the college site workshop area, you will also learn the developing principals and techniques to carpentry and joinery within this area. This course is supported by individual and group tutorial sessions.

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If you enrol on, and undertake any course in the construction department you will be provided with and required to wear at all times (within the college workshop area) mandatory PPE as follows: > Approved protective footwear with ankle support (Rigger type boots are not allowed) > Approved safety glasses > Approved hi-visibility vest

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You will undertake graded assessments through a range of methods including: > Practical tasks > Online Multi-Choice Test > Paper based Tests

This course can lead to careers within the construction industry. You may also wish to progress onto an apprenticeship programme within site carpentry or bench joinery.

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Address Central Park
Haughton Road
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Phone 01325 503050
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