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Qualification name Non regulated Community Learning provision, Performing Arts
Qualification level X
Awarding organisation Generic award - no awarding body
Course type Work based
Course start date Flexible
Cost £64.00
Cost description Full fee. Concession fee available on request

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During this course learners will learn how to demonstrate basic movements of Belly Dancing for fitness (like hip and chest lifts and drops, figure of eight etc.). Additionally, they will learn how to dance a combination of movements to enhance core strength and flexibility. You will learn the technical vocabulary used in this dance style. You will also develop musicality and spatial awareness by following different step patterns, dance sequences and group formations set to music with different time signatures and speed. References to the historical development of the style and its connection with other dance genres from different parts of the world will be shared with you to support your understanding of the style and technique.

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It is not required to have previous experience in dancing, if you wish to join this course. If you like this type of dance, you would like to work out the core and torso muscles and have fun, you are welcome to join.

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A bottle of water, clothes that you feel comfortable with and you can move easily in and be prepared to dance bare feet or wearing socks or very soft shoes. A scarf to tie around your hips.

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At the beginning of the course an initial assessment takes place to identify your level of experience knowledge or current skills, and you will be asked to complete and sign a health screening questionnaire. The tutor will carry out informal assessments to check your understanding, there is no exam. You will complete a self-assessment at the beginning, middle and end of the course and you will participate in regular self-assessment. Your tutor will let you know how you are getting on throughout the course, to help you work to your full potential. At the end of the course you will receive written feedback.

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