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Qualification name Any other Multiply (numeracy) provision not covered above,2 to 5 hours
Qualification level X
Awarding organisation Generic award - no awarding body
Learning method Classroom based
Course type Multiply
Course hours Full-time
Course start date Flexible
Cost £0.00
Cost description Not Applicable
Attendance pattern Daytime

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It can be extremely difficult to budget your own money and this can lead to problems. People tend to overspend because they do not know how best to control their finances and it can be difficult to achieve financial stability. To support with this common problem, we have created this Budgeting Awareness course, which will empower individuals to achieve financial stability and success. The key to financial success is knowing how to be organised with your expenses, establishing a sensible budget and having strategies to help you maintain that budget, which is exactly what the Budgeting Awareness course will teach you to do. This course aims to help individuals who are having a difficult time budgeting to successfully control their money and limit spending on unnecessary items. In this course, you will learn how to set goals, create your own budget effectively, overcome debts and overspending, and also acquire strategies that will help in making long-term budgeting effective and successful. This course will help you prepare budgets, learn how to make informed budgeting decisions and effectively communicate financial information to key stakeholders. It’s ideal for everyone who has budgetary responsibilities.

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There are no formal qualifications or experience required to enrol on this course. You must be in employment, in receipt of Universal Credit and willing to study and enhance your skills for the better.

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- Learn about income, expenses and savings - Assess your financial resources - Calculate how much money you have coming in each month - Determine your expenses - Reviewing financial records to understand how you spend your money - Create a plan and set goals

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This course is being delivered using a hybrid approach and can be delivered through a variety of different ways. The course can be delivered daytimes, evenings or weekends, either: - Onsite within the college - Offsite through stakeholder and employer training rooms - Online via Microsoft Teams

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For college or training rooms based training you are only required to bring a pen, but for home based online learning via Microsoft Teams you will require a PC or Laptop and internet connectivity.

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Formative assessments, evaluation and feedback, or assessment for learning, will be conducted by teachers during the lesson to assess learning has taken place. This will take place through individual and group based tasks.

Although this course is specifically designed for individuals’ daily budgeting activities, the maths skills you learn can also be an advantage in gaining better employment. You could progress on to our more in depth Managing Your Money course or a maths qualification.

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Name Outreach Centre
Address Various Locations
West Midlands
B5 5SU
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Phone 0121 694 5000

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