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Qualification name GCE A Level in Biology A
Qualification level 3
Awarding organisation Oxford Cambridge & RSA Examinations
Course type Classroom based
Course hours Full-time
Course start date 2nd September 2019
Cost £0.00
Attendance pattern Daytime

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The new course offers a “how science works” theme with more assessments focussing upon scientific practical skills. Each module has a “thinking bigger” topic, which specifically looks at applying knowledge learnt in the classroom into modern day life. The course offers an insight into the fundamentals of biology, looking at cellular structure, replication and biological molecules which are then built upon over the two year course, applying each concept to a different area of science. For example, using knowledge about how cells respond to disease to discuss the development of drugs and vaccines. The course covers all aspects of biology, which is favoured by universities, as it does not solely focus upon animals or plants; the course looks into how all living things act and respond to their environment. The key features of the course are transport in mammals, evolution, respiration, photosynthesis and disease – all of which are based upon the fundamentals.

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At lease Grade 6 in GCSE Double Science or Grade 6 in GCSE Biology

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First year: 2 x examination + practical assessments Second year: 3 x examination + practical assessments

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Name Ounsdale High School
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Phone 01902 504940

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