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Qualification name Certificate in Further Maths
Qualification level 2
Awarding organisation AQA Education
Learning method Classroom based
Course hours Full-time
Course start date 1st September 2024
Cost description No charge for eligible students
Attendance pattern Daytime

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A vocation in many areas to include accountancy, actuarial science, finance, banking, consultancy, teaching and many more. An A level qualification in Mathematics also shows that you are good at; problem solving, processing information, analysing, reasoning and interpreting. These skills are transferrable and are held in high regard by employers in other fields.

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Mostly C's or above (including at least 4 in English and Maths)

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100% examination.You will sit 4 exam papers. Further pure mathematics 1 : 1.5 hours. Topics are the same as AS. Further pure mathematics 2: 1.5 hours. Topics include complex numbers, further algebra and functions, further calculus and polar coordinates hyperbolic functions and differential equations. Further mathematics options 1 and 2: 1.5 hours. You will take two of the following four options: Further Pure Mathematics 3 Further calculus, Further differential equations, Coordinate systems, Further vectors, Further numerical methods, Inequalities Further Statistics 1 Linear regression, Statistical distributions (discrete), Statistical distributions (continuous), Correlation, Hypothesis testing, Chi squared tests Further Mechanics 1 Momentum and impulse, Collisions, Centres of mass, Work and energy, Elastic strings and springs Decision Mathematics 1 Algorithms and graph theory, Algorithms on graphs, Algorithms on graphs II, Critical path analysis, Linear programming There are six exams for this level of which two are Pure Mathematics (FP1) and (FP2). The other four exams are all applied and you will do four out of the following six exams depending on which modules are studied for Mathematics A level: Mechanics 1 (M1), Mechanics 2 (M2), Decision 1 (D1), Decision 2 (D2), Statistics 1 (S1) and Statistics 2 (S2).

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Name Canons High School
Address Shaldon Road
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Phone 2089515780
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