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Qualification name Any other Multiply (numeracy) provision not covered above,21 to 30 hours
Qualification level X
Awarding organisation Generic award - no awarding body
Learning method Online
Course type Multiply
Course start date Flexible
Cost £0.00
Cost description n/a

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This course will provdie anyone that has left or just leaving the care system with maths knowledge and skills to support them to live independantly

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Entry Requirements other than "The course is aimed at Stoke on Trent residents aged 19+ who do not have a level 2 maths qualification and would like to improve their maths ability

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You will start with the topic 'multiply your confidence in numbers in your daily life'. Which will be followed with confidence building topics in numbers at home and everyday money handling. You will also cover budgeting, savings, loans, money and understanding payslips, and bills. The course will finish with come skills building in percenatge, multiplication, divison and rounding

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As you progress through the topics you have selected you will complete short activities along the way. Whenever you complete a topic you will receive a certificate to show what you have achieved

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