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Qualification name Non regulated Adult skills formula funded provision, Level 2, Maths, 21 to 44 hrs
Qualification level 2
Awarding organisation Generic award - no awarding body
Course type Classroom based
Course hours Part-time
Course start date 12th September 2023
Cost £120.00
Attendance pattern Evening

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This Maths GCSE course is designed for adults returning to the learning environment. It will enable you to improve on a previous Mathematics grade. The clear course structure and support will enable you to gain understanding and confidence in Mathematics. You will need to be able to solve problems with or without a calculator. This will involve working with decimals, percentage and ratio; producing and interpreting charts, graphs and statistical calculations, such as averages; area, volume, angles and measures; and equations.Be aware that the amount listed below is an upfront cost and you may be required to pay additional tuition and exam fees. The day of the course is subject to change.

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Number Algebra Geometry Measure Statistics Probability

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Name Vantage Point Main Building
Address Long Road
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