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Qualification name Non regulated Community Learning, Life skills: environmental sustainability
Qualification level X
Awarding organisation Generic award - no awarding body
Learning method Classroom based
Course hours Part-time
Course start date 3rd June 2024
Cost £39.20
Attendance pattern Daytime

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This course is for people aged 25 or over who have moderate learning disabilities. The course will benefit people who enjoy being outside and being practical, using tools to prepare soil, weed and plant a range of vegetables and plants. This course will be at Bishopdale Adult Learning Hub. We will make use of the outside space to prepare and grow vegetables, salads and some beneficial flowers which attract wildlife. Importantly, this course will support a healthy lifestyle by encouraging the growing and eating of vegetables and salad, getting active in the garden and encouraging mindfulness and improved mental health by being outside and observing nature and wildlife. We will provide some protective clothing, including garden gloves and plastic gloves, but please wear comfortable clothing, with sturdy shoes or steel toe capped boots if you have them. When it is sunny, please bring a hat, sunglasses and sun protection cream.

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For people aged 25 and over with moderate learning disabilities

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Health and Safety when gardening. Identify 7 garden tools. Use at least 7 garden tools safely. Identify weeds in the garden. How to remove weeds manually. How to make compost. How to work in a way which encourages wildlife. Grow vegetables and plants from seed using a vegetable grid. Possible options include beans, beetroot, carrots, lettuce, radish, cucumbers, marrows, courgettes, potatoes, kale, spring onion.

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There will be no exams and the course will focus on creative activities. There will be a specialist Horticultural tutor to teach you. When you meet staff before you sign up for the course, we will find out whether the course is right for you, and what extra support you might need. To get the most out of your class, please come on time. Try not to miss any classes (you agree to attend at least 80% of the lessons). Lessons will be practical and take place in the classroom. There is also a Google C

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Name Bishopdale
Address Bishopdale Road
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Phone 01164 541 900
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