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Qualification name Certificate in Community Interpreting
Qualification level 3
Awarding organisation Ascentis
Course type Classroom based
Course hours Part-time
Course start date 16th September 2022
Cost description Please contact provider - fees will be paid by the government for adults without a full level 3 already
Attendance pattern Daytime

Discover the learning experience and opportunities you can expect from this course.

You will learn to put your bilingual skills to good use and also help the members of your own community. This would open career opportunities for you and you can work flexible hours during the times that suit you best.

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A Level 2 qualification in English language or equivalent and a good knowledge of your first language

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In Britain today there are many different linguistic communities from a diverse range of backgrounds. In many cases, members of these communities have a limited grasp of spoken English. Often it is necessary for those in the community with stronger communication skills in English to act as a bridge between thesepeople and the wider community. They help them overcome the linguistic barriers and cultural differences they encounter on a daily basis where their lack of proficiency in spoken English

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You will be assessed by the course tutor throughout, including during a role-play situation by a language assessor, who will assess your other language skills and your ability to interpret. All the assessments will be internal.

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Name Whitehall Campus
Address Weston Street
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