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Qualification name Non regulated provision, Level 1, Sport, Leisure and Recreation
Qualification level 1
Awarding organisation Generic award - no awarding body
Course type Classroom based
Course hours Part-time
Course start date 23rd September 2021
Cost £75.00
Attendance pattern Evening

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The course is suitable for everyone who wants to work on their fitness level, to increase strength and stamina. No partner required. All adults, seniors in any gender are welcome

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This course is uniquely designed dance program to build your self confidence, give you an excellent body workout, improve cardiovascular fitness, body balance and dance memory. You will enjoy learning various dance styles and workout at the same time. Classes are led by popular dance tunes, starting with warm up dance routines, continuously energetic workout finishing with cool down choreographyThe class will start with a warm up, followed by an energetic dance workout and finishing with a cool down.

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Join dance classes and became a part of our growing community, dance with us to build your self-esteem, relief your stress, improve your physical and mental health, muscle toning and build your energy level. Classes are fun, enjoyable, great social dancing and opportunity to meet new people. Bring a bottle of water, small towel. Wear comfortable sport clothes (no skirts) and shoes. Dancing pumps or runners are suitable.

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Name Parkshot
Address Parkshot
Find on Google maps
Phone 020 8891 5907

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