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Qualification name Non regulated provision, Entry Level, Agriculture
Qualification level E
Awarding organisation Generic award - no awarding body
Course type Classroom based
Course hours Part-time
Course start date 9th February 2022
Cost £133.00
Attendance pattern Evening

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You will learn through the presentation of information and demonstrations in small chunks separated by question and answer sessions. The course will include some handson activities for example looking for varroa in hive debris and assembling a frame.

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There are no formal entry requirements in respect of this course it is suitable for everyone interested in keeping bees.

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You will learn the basics of Beekeeping including Learning to recognise the difference between honey bees solitary bees and wasps. Learning about the amazing activities of honey bees. Recognising the sexes and castes of honey bees. Parts of the hive choices of some of the different hives with their pros and cons. How bees function and how the beekeeper manages them other tools of the trade. Identifying and managing major pests and diseases. Deta... (Please visit Eastleigh College website)

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Students are responsible for the purchase of any materials or clothing relevant for the course.

After a year or two of handling bees the student could attend a further course that will prepare them for the British Beekeepers Association Basic Certificate examination. Thereafter further practical work and study can lead to Master Beekeeper see for details. Finally a National Diploma in Beekeeping is available see a refresher course is required before students... (Please visit Eastleigh College website)

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Name Thornden School
Address Winchester Road
Chandlers Ford
SO53 2DW
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Phone 023 8091 1000
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