Certificate in Warehousing and Storage

1. Course details

Qualification name Certificate in Warehousing and Storage
Qualification level 2
Awarding organisation Excellence, Achievement & Learning Limited
Course webpage http://www.portull.com/contact-us/
Course type Work based
Course start date 01 May 2020
Cost £1,100.00
Cost description Funding may be available.

2. Who this course is for

This qualification allows the learner to gain a nationally recognised QCF Qualification. It involves demonstrating the skills and knowledge needed to do the job, ability to organise work and identify and prevent problems. The Warehousing Qualifications are based on national occupation standards (NOS), which the learner must meet to demonstrate competence in a particular task (Learning Outcome). The qualification focuses on the knowledge and, where appropriate, the practical skills associated with Warehousing and Storage. This arrangement ensures that when the learner completes the qualification they will have gained knowledge and practical experience of some of the situations that they could face within the occupational sector in which it is being delivered. The achievement of this QCF Qualification will encourage a learner to value their contribution to the workplace, and it will develop their skills, knowledge and potential. It covers the intermediate level knowledge and understanding of Warehousing and Storage, and has been developed in consultation with industry specialists and training providers to ensure that it meets the needs of industry employers and learners. The qualification has huge potential benefits for those engaging with the Warehousing, Storage and Logistics industry sector. This qualification does not require occupational evidence.

3. Entry requirements

There are no entry qualifications required by learners to undertake this Qualification

4. What you'll learn

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5. How you'll learn

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6. What you'll need to bring

The assessor will require access to individuals whilst within the workplace.

7. How you'll be assessed

The method of assessment for the qualification is through an electronic portfolio of evidence. Assessments of the competency of the qualification will be completed within the workplace with the main source of evidence through observations.

8. Next steps

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9. Venue

This course is available anywhere in England

10. Other venues and dates

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No other venues or dates available