AgeWell: Interior Design Beginners: Step 3

1. Course details

Qualification name Non regulated Community Learning provision, Crafts, Creative Arts and Design
Qualification level X
Awarding organisation Generic award - no awarding body
Course webpage
Course type Work based
Course start date 20 April 2020
Cost £30.00
Cost description Concessions apply

2. Who this course is for

During this course you will continue to build your design skills, current trends and explore your own unique style. Design a small commercial space (shop/bar etc) or focus on a floor area of a residential space (ie ground floor with several rooms)Plan several colour schemes around your spaceLook in depth at the 'balance' of a space, proportion and perspectiveLook in depth at industry trends for colour, furniture and fittingsLook at new product development and surfaces available - new materials and their use in interior designProduce mood and sample boards to a professional finish and using a computer where appropriateUse scale to produce a range of drawings to support your design Research an interior designer or architect You will be encouraged to experiment with your ideas and explore working with new and vintage or recycled materials if appropriate.This course offers an avenue for creative pursuits, improving your health, confidence and well beingThis course is subsidised by Government funding so you should aim to attend the whole course.

3. Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course. You may enrol online, in person at a centre, or call 01202 262300.For term dates please refer to

4. What you'll learn

Check with course provider

5. How you'll learn

Check with course provider

6. What you'll need to bring

You will need a notebook and pen. Advice about appropriate choices will be given during the first session

7. How you'll be assessed

Your tutor will work with you to develop an Individual Learning Plan and review your progress against this throughout the length of the course. There is no qualification or examination attached to this course.

8. Next steps

Check with course provider

9. Venue

South West

10. Other venues and dates

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No other venues or dates available