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Qualification name Non regulated provision, Level 2, Crafts, Creative Arts and Design
Qualification level 2
Awarding organisation Generic award - no awarding body
Course type Classroom based
Course hours Part-time
Course start date 9th September 2021
Cost £322.00
Attendance pattern Daytime

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Not suitable for beginners, you must have some experience and the ability to work independently. This does not have to be through formal coursework, self study or independent experimentation can be sufficient. An interest in developing creative ideas in book form. Good written and verbal communication in English. Good manual dexterity and coordination. This course involves sharps including binding needles and cutting knives. Instruction and safety handling is given at the beginning of the course.

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Come along to our Bookbinding Workshop to spend some quality time working on your bookbinding or book conservation projects. This is a lovely, welcoming intermediate group with some learners who have been attending for many years, and some newer to the college. Please note that this is an Untutored Workshop, so this is for experienced bookbinders who can work on their own projects. There will be a tutor available to offer technical advice and keep an eye on health and safety in the room, but they will not be teaching the class.Course aims: • You will develop your understanding of conservation ethics and techniques. • You will develop your abilities in bookbinding, which may include new binding styles or refinement of technique. • You will discuss your aims with your tutor and come up with some achievable personal targets for the course, making progress in independent projects and identifying skills to learn or improve. Develop creative

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No formal assessment, no grades are assigned. There are informal group discussions during the course for you to assess your own work as well as the group progress. This is an opportunity for discussion of alternatives, suggestions and informal feedback.

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Name Parkshot
Address Parkshot
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Phone 020 8891 5907

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