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Qualification name Certificate in HL Chemistry
Qualification level 3
Awarding organisation International Baccalaureate
Course type Classroom based
Course hours Full-time
Course start date 1st September 2022
Cost £0.00
Attendance pattern Daytime

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Chemistry is an experimental science that combines academic study with theacquisition of practical and investigational skills. It is often called the centralscience, as chemical principles underpin both the physical environment in whichwe live and all biological systems. Apart from being a subject worthy of study inits own right, chemistry is a prerequisite for many other courses in highereducation, such as medicine, biological science and environmental science andserves as useful preparation for employment.The Post-16 IB Chemistry course explores the following topic areas: Core Additional higher level (AHL)1. Stoichiometric relationships 12. Atomic structure2. Atomic structure 13. The periodic table3. Periodicity 14. Chemical bonding and structure4. Chemical bonding and structure 15. Energetics/thermochemistry5. Energetics/thermochemistry 16. Chemical kinetics6. Chemical kinetics 17. Equilibrium7. Equilibrium 18. Acids and bases8. Acids and bases 19. Redox processes9. Redox processes 20. Organic chemistry10. Organic chemistry 21. Measurement and analysis11. Measurement and data processing

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5+ GCSEs 9-4 grades, including Grade 6 in Mathematics and Grade 6+ in Chemistry or Grade 6-6 in Combined Science

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External Assessment (80%)Paper 1: Multiple Choice QuestionsPaper 2: Written responses for SL & HL corePaper 3: Written responses for option unit and practical skillsInternal Assessment ( 20%)A written report on the findings of an experiment conducted by students.

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Name The Leigh Academy
Address Green Street Green Road
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Phone 01322 620400
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