Festival, Drag and Costume Making

1. Course details

Qualification name Non regulated Community Learning provision, Crafts, Creative Arts and Design
Qualification level X
Awarding organisation Generic award - no awarding body
Course webpage http://www.rhacc.ac.uk/course/C02313-192003
Course type Classroom based
Course hours PartTime
Course start date 23 April 2020
Cost £231.00
Attendance pattern Evening

2. Who this course is for

Do you want to learn how to make extravagant costumes? Maybe you need to create a fabulous outfit for an upcoming event, festival or drag show. In this fun, practical course, you will become confident making garments to fit, and learning about decorative techniques and improve your existing pattern cutting skills. If you already know the basics of clothesmaking, then this course is for you! Our fun, practical course will ensure you become confident making garments to fit. You'll reach a high level of competence by using commercial patterns, or creating your own, and choosing fabrics and styles that compliment you. We will look at great examples of costume design as a group, and you will be encouraged to do your own costume design research to complement your ideas at home. You'll also have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to refit and restyle purchased garments, and to use the sewing machine and other tools at a more intermediate level. Learning outcomes: • You will make at least one costume garment to fit using either commercial patterns, cutting your own pattern or refitting/ restyling an existing garment. • You will learn to alter patterns to suit size and shape. • You'll learn about costume design, style and a variety of sewing and decorative techniques. • You will collect a folder of handouts, notes and details of garment making techniques.

3. Entry requirements

You should have some experience with Clothesmaking, commercial patterns, pattern cutting skills and sewing machines, and be confident enough to take your skills to the next level. This is not suitable for complete beginners.

4. What you'll learn

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5. How you'll learn

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6. What you'll need to bring

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7. How you'll be assessed

There is no formal assessment for this course, but your progress will be monitored via question and answer in groups and individually and by observation. You will be given regular verbal feedback as to how you could improve and your progress in general.

8. Next steps

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9. Venue

Name Parkshot
Address Parkshot
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Phone 020 8891 5907
Website http://www.racc.ac.uk/

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