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Qualification name Non regulated provision, Level 1, Marketing and Sales
Qualification level 1
Awarding organisation Generic award - no awarding body
Course type Online
Course start date 9th October 2021
Cost £106.00

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To be eligible for this course you must be 19 or over on the start date of the course. The course does not have any formal entry requirements, but is suitable for marketing executives or creative designers who would like to improve their campaigns and understand more about consumer behaviour. It is also perfect for small creative businesses or entrepreneurs who are keen to tailor their campaigns better, and know more about their audiences.

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Understanding your consumers' behaviour and how they make decisions is crucial to successful campaigns, when it comes to creating great advertisement for your audience. You will learn what influences costumers' buying decisions, and how you can present your products in a way that generates maximum impact, now that buying decisions have changed following the Covid-19 pandemic. You will also learn the importance of ethical values when doing advertising.This is a 2-days Masterclass, that will be taught on two consecutive Saturdays. The masterclasses will cover: - Consumer Behaviour and decision-making fundamental concepts such as anchoring, framing, nudge, choice architecture, etc - Different decision-making styles in different markets and for different audiences - Psychometrics and why they are important when creating your brief - Theories of segmentation and brand positioning - Ethics in marketing - Consumer behaviour in practice: case studies and activities

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