GCE A Level in Statistics

1. Qualification details

Qualification name GCE A Level in Statistics
Qualification level Level 3
Awarding organisation Assessment & Qualifications Alliance
Course type Full time
Course start date 01 September 2020
Price £0.00
Additional price description Fees not payable for 16-18 year olds
Attendance pattern Daytime/working hours
Support facilities Facilities/support for students with learning difficulties (on site)

2. Course description

Statistics is an application of Mathematics, but is a growing field of study in its own right. More and more areas of our lives are influenced by Statistics and knowing just how they fit into other studies is an advantage. Statistics is used in everything, from deciding how much orange juice Tesco will buy next year, to whether or not a new drug will cure a serious illness. Statistics can be seen as a subject relating to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation and presentation of data. Statistics is the branch of Mathematics which is used in situations involving variability or uncertainty, such as weather forecasting, finance or assessing the effects of medicines. As with all other A Levels the course is divided into six modules. Three tested at the end of your first year and the other three in your second year. At first, much of the work is learning the ‘tools of the trade’, but we soon start to apply them in analysing data and understanding what it is telling us. We will consider types of data and how to handle it, and move from the work covered in GCSE Maths to look at the patterns in Statistics and how these are used in the analysis of situations in order to make reasonable judgements.

3. Entry requirements

At least two Bs and three Cs at GCSE, including at least a grade C in GCSE Maths.

4. Equipment required

No equipment required

5. Assessment method

Not available

6. Venue

Address Larkhill Road
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Email admissions@cardinalnewman.ac.uk
Phone 01772 460181
Fax 01772 204671
Website http://www.cardinalnewman.ac.uk

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