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Qualification name Award in Creative and Digital Media
Qualification level 1
Awarding organisation Open College Network London Region
Course type Classroom based
Course hours Part-time
Course start date 28th January 2023
Cost £272.00
Attendance pattern Weekend

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This is a Level 1 qualification and aims to develop skills in the practices of Creative Web Design This course focuses on introducing you to the world of visual web design and developing web design projects where you will understand the role and application of web design, research ideas and plan for a web design project. There will also be content related to digital image creation and editing (for web) The course is aimed at individual seeking employment, freelancers needing to produce a web design for their own business/service or for those wishing to go into higher study.

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You will need to have enough English to be able to: -understand instructions with some technical vocabulary -provide material that demonstrates techniques learned. -communicate clearly with the tutor and participate in classroom discussions On a computer you will need to be able to: -use a keyboard, mouse and computer with confidence. -open a new document, save and file it in a folder. Ideally you will have already completed previous courses using Adobe creative software. There will

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The Course covers the following content: - Understand good practice in creative web design - Understand how to plan and create web pages for a target audience - Be able to research ideas for web design - Create suitable content and understand copyright - Be able to use software tools to structure and format web pages - Know how to produce manipulated images and visual effects for your website - Be able to publish web pages The modules are taught so that you gain knowledge of best practice and are able to evaluate your work so that work practices are efficient. The methods of teaching are: Project work Ongoing Class assignments

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This qualification (Level 2 Award in Skills for Professions in the Creative and Digital Media Industries) is gained by producing a portfolio which is produced from class based exercises with ongoing feedback provided by the tutor. This is assessed by the tutor and the final portfolio is then reviewed by an external moderator to verify the qualification

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Name Parkshot
Address Parkshot
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Phone 020 8891 5907
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